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Answer I am 59 years of age and I thought I'd about heard them all, but she cheated because she was forced to? Isn't that called rape? Either this girl is some kind of stupid ,or she thinks you are, either way I'd dump them both, the girl and your friend as he's not much of a friend if he is involved in this and she's not much of a woman if she cheated on you. Good luck

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she's in the mode to cheat and your friends are not true friends! like seriously what kinda friend will help or join your girlfriend to cheat on you? and btw your girlfriend is not serious with you

To make her believe that you did not cheat on her do this. Show that you love her a lot and never leave her alone. By this she will believe that you did not cheat on her.

biology is cheat in gta san andreas girl friend

to be a amazing girlfriend you need to be loyal.. don't cheat.

The answer to this is so obvious. 1. You are not a good friend if you want you friend to cheat on his girlfriend, 2. If he is willing to cheat on his current girlfriend; what stops him from cheating on you?, 3. He is not that great if he cant realize that the girl of his dreams is right in front of him. UYH! (Use Your Head)

I believe a girl friend is only cheating if she is not sexually satisfied, or can't talk freely with her boy friend. I never cheat, for I don't need. If I want sex with other men, I can bring them home. As long as my husband is able to watch and join, I can do what I want. He enjoys watching.

You are not much of a friend to him if you try this. I would reconsider what you are thinking about doing. This is not friendship !

It depends on his relationship with his current girlfriend. Are they having problems? If yes, then maybe he is interested. If not, then he might be just wanted to be your friend and actually cares about you as a friend. Or, he is trying to cheat on his girlfriend.

i don't think all boy cheat on their girlfriend. They are some that do but in some case they don't cheat on their girlfriend. The only guy that cheat on their girlfriends are really inmature kids.

No, you say goodbye and find yourself another girlfriend who doesn't cheat.

no. usher doesn't have a girlfriend

* Yes, an individual can cheat on their friends in many different ways. A friend could cheat with a boyfriend or girlfriend of their friend, or, make a date to meet a friend somewhere and something better comes up and you leave the friend high and dry without any consideration for their feelings or their time that you have wasted. If you have a best friend you can could cheat on them by deciding someone else is your best friend and exclude the person that has been your best friends for a long while.

ANSWER:When you say girlfriend, not all girlfriend do cheat. For those who do cheat, there were given some reason why they do. No one in their own right mind will just cheat because she felt like it. Talk to your girl and maybe you will find out why she is cheating on you.

because they think that they are all that and there are way more prettier girls out there than guys # some guys believe if they cheat then they are know as cool # when the truth isif they cheat # then they may love a girl and # feel like he is nothing when he cheat

tell him to backoff and stay with the girl he likes if hes willing to cheat he wants to b reak up with his girlfriend so tell his girlfriend that he wants to brfeak up

With the hurt that comes with cheating you definitely do not want your girlfriend to cheat. If you are looking for a reason for her to upset you and you can leave her - just leave her.

no if you do it will end bad for you

because she didnt like you

If you're really interested in getting your girlfriend back, sit her down and talk to her. Tell her that you didn't cheat. If she doesn't believe you, she has trust issues and isn't worth your time.

Because there are a lot of reasons that may originate from the man himself (personalities) or may be it was his ex girl friend who is faulty here.

You continue to be his best friend and nothing more. As long as he's with another girl, he's not with you. You should make sure to enforce that. You do not want to become "the other woman" in a cheating relationship. Also it would show him not to be a trustworthy person if he is willing to cheat on his girlfriend with you. If he really is in love with you and not with his girlfriend, he will leave her for you. Until that happens, you continue to support him as the best friend you've always been.

I do not believe there is a "Cheat Menu".

No u shouldn't cheat on anyone. It would ruin your friendship

No.... would you want her to cheat on you?

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