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The act of marriage entails a wife and husband first LEAVING their parents, and CLEAVING to their new partner.

It is not unusual for many parents to not want to let go of their children, but it is not a healthy situation to be faced with, as the resulting strain on the newly wed's relationship can be damaging.

If you are faced with this type of situation, in which the parent have not fully released their child to go and become their own man / woman, it is definitely up to the child to then take that stand, and break away from that hold that they have on him. or think they have on him.

If your husband husband cannot do this, then your problem is very serious, because his parents will support him, which will leave you feeling alienated, in which case I would recommend some couples therapy to discuss it further (if you feel you want to)

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Q: What do you do when your husband and you fight all the time about his mother always coming first and she always wants him to stay over for the weekend to help her and calls all the time?
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