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Punch him in the arm. That's what a sister would do. Besides, he had it coming when he ate your portion of mashed potatoes. I don't think it's anything to be upset about, unless he tells his sister he loves her like a wife!

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Q: What do you do when your husband says he loves you like a sister?
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What if your husband says he loves you after cheating?

believe it !

What does it mean if he says I'm like a sister?

it means he doesn't want to go out with you but loves you like a friend or a sibling.

Your husband says he loves you but treats you like im his worst enemy?

If your husband really loves you, im sure theres an explanation for why hes treating you like his worst ememy. Try talking to him and working things out.

When he says he changed his mind about wanting you to be his girl friend an d he loves you like a sister?

that means he wants to be your friend.

Is it worrying if your husband says he doesn't know why he loves you?

yes its worrying! if your husband doesn't know why he loves you than, he probably doesn't love you!

How do you get your husband to leave your house when he wont go and says he still loves you but treats you like after couple of weeks?

You need to consult with an attorney.

I want to know why husband like having female friends though he says hel oves and will never hurt me?

i want to know why my husband likes having female friend eventhough he says he loves me and cant live without me

If your sister wants to leave California with her daughter and the husband says no can she?


My husband never says he loves me and never is concerned about me being happy what do you do?

dump his sorry @$$

What happens when a boy you like tells you he loves you but you have no relationship and he says that you two are just friends?

it means either he likes you and is waiting for you to say something or that he thinks of you like a sister

Does Luke love Annabeth?

No, Annabeth does not kiss Luke. They don't love each other in that kind of way. She loves him as a brother, and he loves her as a sister.

What does it mean when an ex husband says love never dies?

When an ex-husband says 'love never dies', it usually means he still loves you, and always will love you, even if you don't love him.