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The laptop is clearly suffering from some sort of start up issue.

I would run the operating systems recovery disc, to check for errors.

the main issue will be with your hard drive, siplmy go to your bios settings (rather f8 or f12) and look for boot settings change this to dvd/cd then restart your computer.

Recovery dicks normally solve the issue, run serval scans on your memory just in case, if it is still not work then run in safe mode and stop most of the processes with your start up mode.

If when you boot your machine up your hardrive is maing no noise this means your hard drive is not working or reading any data. In this situation its best to take the hard drive out and give it to somebody who knows what they are doing, a shop? or me :)

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Q: What do you do when your laptop screen is blank when you load the laptop?
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