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What do you do with a friend that keeps hurting you?

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You should tell him/her that they're hurting you, and if they still do it, write them a letter, and say your upsset about it.

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You need to see a doctor and have it set. If it keeps hurting, you may need to have a tendon repaired.

if she is truly your friend talk to her about it.. if you have already talked to her about it and she is supposedly "unintentionally" flirting but she keeps doing it.. its not unintentional anymore.. so talk to her about it and if you already have then stop being her friend..

theres a guy at school you like but hes dating your friend how do you tell him you like him without hurting your friend but you know that he hates you

its wear your muscles slightly torn and it keeps hurting and you limp

tell her she's really hurting and if shes keeps it up you cant be friends just say i won't be your friend and who cares! or say bad things about your BFF to hurt your BFF.

When a government keeps someone within the society from hurting someone else, it most directly accomplishes the purpose of order.

When a government keeps someone within the society from hurting someone else, it most directly accomplishes the purpose of order.

Wait until it stops hurting, or if it keeps hirting go to a doctor.

You should sit and have a chat with him/her and talk about you being emotionaly hurt because of him/her. Then if he/she says ok I won't do what they've been doing again, but then if he/she carrys on without stoping for changing I would say dopn't be his/her friend. If he/she does change and stop, then continue being her friend.

Even true friends make mistakes. Some people are not capable of keeping secrets. This doesn't mean they can't be true friends. It just means you should be careful not to tell them everything. A true friend will be honest if you confront them. A true friend will be embarrassed if they hurt you. A true friend will try very hard not to hurt you. And you, as a true friend should also know when to forgive a friend who hurts you. A true friendship is not built on two people never hurting each other. It is built on two people trying not to hurt each other, and being forgiving when things happen. That said, you should not forgive someone too many times, or forgive someone who is not sorry for hurting you. If someone keeps hurting you, they are not a true friend.

Turn it into a joke or try and ignore they are your friend.

It keeps you alive. Fear of hurting yourself stops you walking off the edge of a cliff.

Lie saying that you have already invited to many people I don't think you can do that without hurting their feelings

No, you don't. You tell that person exactly what you feel. If that person knows how you feel and keeps do what he/she does, then set the limit. You Don't Have To Take Crap From People!

dont be there friend no more no other things i could think of sorry

When you care about a friend that you think highly of then when they hurt you hurt. Sometimes when you try to help the friend may not respond to your suggestions, but be patient and remain the loyal friend you are.

Rejection is painful no matter what, it's about moving on.

It is normal to have two best friends and as long as your friend spends time with you then there is no reason you should be concerned she/he has another best friend. If your friend is ignoring you constantly then communicate the fact to your best friend that she is hurting your feelings by doing this.

You should tell them it is hurting your feelings. And really if they are hurting your feelings, are they really your friends? If they doesn't stop, they are not worth it. Get some real freinds!!!

1. Keeps us warm 2. When you fall protects you from hurting yourself really badly

Tell them you need to talk and be honest, straight forward and polite.

Tell her why you are such an idiot, you come ask here...

if your hurting, hurt the hurting with more hurting, the hurtin will then be hurted. Hurt.

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