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My cat caught (but didn't inger) a small baby mouse about an inch long. What I did was I put a little bit of cotton in a bug cage where it could not get out, and about every hour or so I fed it bred and put room temp. milk on the bread and fed it to the mouse in very small bites.

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How do you use pathetic fallacy?

Basically its just like when the mood is dull it could start raining so in a book if someone dies it could start raining or if someones happy there could be sunshine

Should you jump start your car when it is raining?

NO! That is extremely dangerous and you could get electricuted! Just go find a place to stay until it stops raining, or stay in your car, and jump start it when it stopped raining.

Why did God shut the door of the Ark and not Noah?

It could be as God only knew when it would start raining.

What is the company that Mother Teresa started to look after abandoned children?

Mother Teresa did not start a company, she founded the Missionaries of Charity who work in a variety of charitable situations including orphanages.

Your probe does not start when it is raining new distributor new cap have no spark even if the car is in the garage does nots start after it stops raining dries than you can start the car?

my 97 ford probe GT does not start sorry for the mistakes

When will it start raining today?

no it will even though it says 40% chance of rain its hot outside and sunny

How is an abandoned football match restarted?

If the match is abandoned due to rain it will start on another day.

When did slavery start in Nigeria?

When the dinosaurs were killed by raining monkeys and elephants

Why won't my 1993 Buick Roadmaster stationwagon start when it is raining?


What will happen if the humidity of the atmosphere increases?

it would start raining heavily

Could a 12 year daughter who hates her soon to be step father start living with her father because she does not want to move from the city she has been living in?

well sometimes i would choose that rout but my father abandoned me so i choos to stay with my mother for moral support and over the years my mother has grown to hate him so i would choose going with your mother just to be there you know what i am sayin

Why does my dodge ram will not start when it is raining or the humidity is high?

Check the distributor cap

How would you start a sentence with because?

Because it is raining, we cannot have a picnic today.

Can you start a dairy farm in an abandoned barn in Wisconsin?


In Pokemon Diamond is it normal for it to start raining in Pastoria City?

Yes its normal Enjoy =]

Why would a car not start when its raining?

i would replace the distributor cap it is probly cracked

Who inspired rihanna to start singing?

madonna said she could, and her mother gave her permission. :D

Why did Harry Houdini start his act in search Of his dead mother?

so he could go to college

Who shut the door of noah's ark?

The door of Noah's ark was closed by God (See Genesis 7:16). The reason could be as, only God really knew when it would start raining.

Why would a 1999 Honda Accord not start when it is raining?

Replace your distributor cap, it probably has a crack in it.

1996 jeep will not start or stay running when its damp or raining outside?

you have a cracked distribtor cap

How can you tell if its raining acid rain?

Go outside, if you start to melt it's acid rain.

When will it start raining money?

Never. Clouds do not produce money. They produce rain, hail, etc.

When it stops raining fragment or complete sentence?

Incomplete, you wouldn't want to start a sentence with a preposition.

Is it bad to talk on the phone when its raining?

Depending on the rain -- if it's raining hard or slightly dripping -- it may be bad to talk on your phone and it may either stop working or start acting "glitchy".