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For crickets,earwigs,roaches, and other similar freaky bugs, the only sure way is to use Boric Acid Powder. It is available at hardware stores/home improvement centers. It comes in a big squeeze bottle that looks like a bigger version of a bottle of "chaulk-line" refill. It looks like white chaulk-line powder, too... Usually find it in the pest control aisle. If you hate bugs as much as I do, you will make a continuous line surrounding the outside foundation of your house where the foundation meets the ground. Also squirt the powder along slider door entrances, window sills, etc. I do the inside walls also (be selective to not apply where kids/pets can get into it. All of the roach-like enemies will not cross over it. If you sprinkle it inside the widows, it will work. It is not like a bug spray where it kills them instantly, although it will. It is more of a defense method. They will not come around any area where you apply it. And it is not a chemical that will harm you like bug sprays....Remember "20 MuleTeam Borax" and "Boraxo" ? Actually, most talc type products will work. But remember, if you use a scented product of any kind, you may be attracting other pests/flying insects, etc. Borax is cheap, and effective.

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Q: What do you do with cricket-like insects that build nests in your window seal?
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