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What do you do with the car if your credit report shows there is 0 balance and says charge off?


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2004-12-04 18:04:07
2004-12-04 18:04:07

Simplest way to deal with it is to call a local wrecker company to come get it.


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Yes they can and they probably will. if you are concerned about your credit profile, it would not be a good idea to stop paying.

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sundry creditor shows credit balance

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A triple credit report shows your credit score from all three credit reporting agencies: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

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The Experian Credit report shows your credit score. It also shows your credit risk level and factors that could raise and lower your score. You can also dispute incorrect credit report info online.

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If you are responsible for that item, then, yes, it can stay on your credit report--probably indefinitely.

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