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if its the one where u need to type somthing in all u need to do is type in Mom (with 1 captital letter) after you've done that there will be a flash of light and a shaymin will appear and prof oak will ask you 2 follow (shaymin is at lvl 30 ang get on your bike cos its a long path an i mean a vey long path) after you've capterd it prof oak will disapere

hope this helps you with the exra bit!

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Where is route 224 on Pokemon FireRed?

Route 224 is in diamond, pearl and platinum not firered.

Where do you find duskull in pokemon pearl?

Route 224

What does the rock on route 224 do on Pokemon platinum?

you need oaks letter and then go to the rock on route 224 to catch a shaymin.

Where is Duskull in Pokemon Pearl?

You can find Duskull on Route 224. :)

How do you get to route 224 on Pokemon pearl without cheats?

you cannot

Where do you find professor oak in Pokemon pearl?

in Route 224

In Pokemon pearl what do you do with the rock in route 224?

Once you receive Oak's Letter from an event you head there. The route will be extended and once you travel to the end of it there will be the Pokemon Shaymin. It will be at level 30.

How can you get to a duskull Pokemon Pearl?

route 224(use poke radar)

How do you get magezone in Pokemon Pearl?

you have to kiss Awauhd Dickson in Route 224

Where can you get a duskull in Pokemon pearl?

in route 224 "use poke radar"

How do you catch a duskull on Pokemon Pearl?

route 224, found with Pokemon radar. AT NIGHT!

What is route 224 in platinum?

You can't access Route 224 until professor Oak upgrades your Pokemon. Then go east of Victory Road. Route 224 is the eastmost Route in Diamond Pearl and Platinum.

How do you get mysterious Pokemon that appears at route 224 in Pokemon pearl?

you get it from a Nintendo event. "Oak's Letter"

Will you get an egg from Marley in Pokemon Pearl?

No. All she does is make you take her to Route 224.

How do you get Natu on Pokemon pearl?

on route 224 Edit: But Dawns lil Sister has to say Route 224! They said theres a whole bunch of Natu's There.

How do you get past the person to go to route 224 on Pokemon pearl?

You have to have all the gym bages

Can you get a Gracidea flower in Pokemon Pearl with the action replay?

no you can't you have to use mystery gift and download the Oak's Letter and bring it to the white rock on route 224

What is up with the polished rock on route 224 in Pokemon Pearl version?

if you got oak's letter via mystery gift, it is the site where you trigger the shaymin event

What to do in route 224?

At the end of route 224 is a white rock. When you have Oak's letter you can do somthing to the rock and then the area around the rock will be filled with flowers and a Pokemon will appear and go to a path to the north that juatr appeared.

How do you catch shuckel in Pokemon Pearl?

With a Pokemon Emerald Cartridge in your GBA Slot, Shuckle appears at Route 224.

What is the rock on route 224 in Pokemon diamond for?

to use it, you need Nintendo event.

How do you catch dusclops on Pokemon pearl?

Its on route 224(use poke radar) Hope i Helped ;)

At route 224 what Pokemon appears at the white rock?

Well if you have oak's letter shaymin will be at the white rock.

How do you get to prof oak on route 224 on Pokemon pearl?

The event scene in Pokemon Pearl where the player meets Professor Oak on route 224 is part of a Nintendo-sponsored special event in order to obtain the legendary Pokemon, Shaymin. The player must be involved in the special event to obtain the key item called Oak's Letter, and afterwards Professor Oak will appear on route 224.

In Pokemon diamond what is the use for the shiny rock on route 224?

it evolve's togetic into a togekiss