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What do you feed a calf?

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Depends what type of calf you are talking about, via its health condition, breeding (dairy or beef), and what feeds you have available in your area. Most calves are fed hay and grain along with their milk. Hay that has legumes and grasses is the best for the calf; as for grain, it does not matter except it should not be too much that the calf eats too much and bloats. A calf should be fed only 1% of its body weight or less in grain. The most for a young calf should be 1 to 2 lbs. For an older calf that is about weaning age (3 months), can be fed no more than 5 lbs of grain.

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Mom cow doesnt feed newborn calf?

Then you gotta bottle feed the calf yourself until you can get the cow to accept her calf.

What organ is used by a cow to feed her newborn calf?

The Udder is used to feed the newborn calf.

What kind of grain do you feed a calf?

Cereal grain is the best to feed a calf. This includes corn, oats, barley and rye.

What do you feed a baby calf?

Depends on how old the calf is, but milk replacer mixed with water is what you can feed a baby calf. Also allow it access to hay or grass, grain, and water.

What do they call a calf that cowboys find and bring home to feed out?

A "fatted" calf .

Will it hurt a calf to eat paper?

well yes more than likey.... only if you feed it TOO MUCH! but why would you feed a calf paper??;)!!

Why you feed colostrum to calf?

It is the most important thing to feed to a newborn calf because it contains lots of antibodies and immunoglobins that ensure a calf's health and survival.

What should you feed your newborn calf?

If you can try to feed it mostly milk. It needs to get healthy.

How long do you bottle feed a calf for?

3 months

When should a calf get calf starter feed?

A calf can get calf starter a few days after he's born. Some like to hold back until a few weeks prior to weaning.

How often to feed 1 week old calf?

depends... did you feed it during that first week?

What is the best food to help a baby calf grow?

Milk, and a feed called Calf Starter (or some similar name), which is a formulated feed meant for feeding growing bottle calves.

Can you feed save a calf to a newborn horse?

You shouldn't feed a newborn anything until you talk with your vet.

When can a calf start to digest feed?

Usually after a few days after birth.

Does a new born calf drink water?

yes ,but we need to feed it.

How long does a calf stay in their mother stomach?

A calf does not stay in it's mother's stomach: the stomach is a place where feed is digested, not a place where a calf develops. A calf develops in his mothers WOMB or uterus, not the stomach. Thus, a calf is in his mother's womb for around 285 days.

How soon will a newborn calf eat feed?

A newborn will not eat any feed. Calves won't begin eating feed until they're at least a week old. Otherwise, you really need to feed colostrum to a newborn for the first 12 to 24 hours, then gradually switch over to milk replacer. You can introduce feed to a calf early, but don't expect it to eat it all like a mature cow will, because a calf is pretty much like a human in that it is more of a monogastric than a ruminant. This means that a calf needs to rely much more on milk than feed for the first few weeks of its life.

How do you know if a calf is getting enough to eat?

A hungry calf is a healthy calf. Don't feed a calf too much other wise it will scour. Otherwise, you know a calf is getting enough if you are knowingly keeping on top of regular feedings and watching it grow day by day. A healthy calf is a calf that's not lethargic, sickly-looking and interested in eating.

How do mother dolphins feed their young?

The mother dolphin will nurse her calf near the surface of the water, which allows the calf to breathe. This is done for a few months until the calf can eat on it's own.

How long does it take to raise a calf to 400 lbs?

It all depends on the breed, the genetics of that calf, the health of the calf, and the quality/type of feed you're feeding it. Thus it could take anywhere from three months to eight to get a calf to be at that target weight.

How long does it take for a cows milk to dry up if her calf wont nurse?

A few weeks. Often the calf will die of starvation before then, if you either don't milk the cow out and tube the calf with her milk, try to make the calf suckle as much as you can, or if you don't bottle-feed the calf. So make sure you are caring for the calf if the calf can't suckle from his momma.

How does a calf help you?

A calf (or baby cow) is the reason that the beef and dairy industries have not crashed. They are the future beef and milk producers, so in short answer they will feed you.

Can you feed bread to a calf?

Yes. But only in moderation, as it is very high in carbohydrates and starch, and the calf could easily bloat on it if he eats too much of it.

How do you raise a beef calf?

A normal beef calf is raised by its mother for the first 5 months of its life. At 5 months of age it will be weaned and raised accordingly with what its future holds for it. If you are trying to raise a beef calf with out the mother you will need to raise it similar to a dairy calf. You will need a 2 quart bottle with a nipple. Twice a day you will need to feed the calf a 2 quart bottle full of either whole milk or milk replacer. Milk replacer is available at most production animal feed stores. You will also have to provide the calf with water from 2 weeks of age on (do this in a pail). The calf will also need to be started on a calf feed as soon as it will start eating to help stimulate rumen development. At about 7 weeks of age the calf will need to start receiving good quality hay. At 8 weeks of age wean the calf from milk. At this point the calf will be fed water grain and hay.

What kind of milk should i feed my calf after replacer colostrum?

Milk replacer formula, or raw milk. Don't feed the calf homogenized or pasteurized milk, because they are devoid of the essential bacteria that are killed off in the pasteurizing process.