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A date, if your both single. Ask him out.

Almost all "guy - friends" would gladly go out with someone.


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You don't, if he likes you he will ask you out. If he doesn't like you well then he will keep you as a friend.

No, Pein does not like (as in romantically) like Konan.

As a friend, but not romantically

look at him romantically and if he try's to kiss you then you like him

not always. how do you think this relationship will go? and how will it end? draw up the pros and cons and then make your decision.

Well, romantically its definitely Lelouch

He likes her, but not romantically.

They like eachother as friends, but not romantically.

No, Kim Hyun Joong and Koo Hye Sun are not romantically linked.

Not romantically, if that's what you mean...

It definitely means he isn't interested romantically. But at least he was pleasant about it. Don't worry, you'll have better luck soon.

Answer Forget about it. Like your cousin as a family member and find someone else to like romantically.

If he does, it is as a friend and not romantically.

Friendship wise, yes. But he doesn't romantically.

Matt likes Sora romantically in Digimon.

if you love your best friend the best thing to do would be to striaght up I LIKE YOU! and i never wanna lose you (:

They gazed romantically into each others eyes.

Joan had a number of friends but was not romantically involved.

Iggy loves nudge like a sister, but not romantically.

Yes, almost always, but not romantically.

well i think its really stupid for you're guyfriend to act like someone he isn't it does look like he likes you but not acting like himself is bad he should just ask u out and hope u say yes or u could just talk to him and tell him how u feel

Zabuza doesn't actually like-like anyone. However, he does like his right-hand man, Haku, but not romantically.

no they were not romantically involved

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