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Squats. Nothing works like squats for building up the glutes and quads. Squats. Lots of 'em. I bet if you do fifty today you'll be sore for days. And if you want quicker results, do the squats with some free weights held at shoulder height. Just do fewer reps. Heavier weight with fewer reps will add muscle mass. You'll be amazed how your butt looks in a few months.

2007-05-27 22:43:39
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How do you make your hips an butt bigger?

Well, if your thighs are big from the front and back it looks like your thighs is part of your butt, and that's how it makes it look bigger. I don't know of this makes sense. But, I tried?

Will squats make your butt hips and thighs bigger?

Squats will make your thighs and but appear stronger because they make the muscles in those areas stronger.

How can a 16-year-old girl who is 5'1 and 130 pounds grow bigger hips bigger thighs and a bigger butt in two months?

One word: Puberty.

What injections they have to get bigger hips and thighs?

hydrogel injections

What's the easiest way to get rid of cellulite in the hips butt and thighs?

The easiest way to get rid of cellulite in the hips butt and thighs is to engage in yoga, aerobic weightlifting, or use of a herbal body rub.

Does riding bike make your hips and thighs bigger?

yes and no

How can a 5' 7 130 pound 13-year-old girl grow a bigger butt and bigger hips and thighs in two months?

Eat and workout

How can a 5' 5 224 pound 15-year-girl grow bigger hips thighs and a bigger butt in two months?

Eat something greasy.

What is the best sport to get a smaller butt thighs and hips?

Anything that makes you run!

Does riding a stationary bike make your thighs or hips bigger or smaller?

Riding a stationary bike can make your thighs and hips either bigger or smaller. It can make them smaller if you lose weight. It can make them bigger if you exercise strenuously.

How can I make my Hips wider and Butt bigger?

have a baby?...

What can a person take to get hips and a bigger butt?

eat macdonalds

What foods do you eat to make your butt hips bigger?


How do you make your hips and butt bigger on imvu?

You go on settings

What does it mean if you are a pear body type?

A pear body shape is one in which the shoulders of the person are not as wide as the hips thus the name pear shaped. It is also known as the body type where you have a very slim waist but a bigger hips, thighs, and butt.

A large amount of fat amount of fat accumulates in the?

Belly mainly Also, butt, thighs, hips

How do you twerk with a small butt?

Move Your Hips Like Belly Roll . But Really Just Move Your Hips And Then If You Go Fast Enough Your Thighs Will Move Making Your Butt Go Up And Down It Depends On How You Do It!

How do you know if your hips and thighs are curvy?

Your hips are at least 10 inches bigger in circumference than your waist,if your boobs are too,you're an hourglass.

Is there a way you can make your thighs and hips bigger?

walk on the treadmill with an incline ride bikes with resistance

HOW can you make female hips and butt bigger?

if u get knocked up for once

Where are your hips?

Your hips are the protrusions between your waist and your thighs.

How can you get a bigger butt and wider hips?

To get a big butt a lot of starch based foods such as bread, especially cornbread, will help.

How do you get big hips if you are skinny?

Go horse riding. I'm very skinny but go horseriding so have a nice curvy shape. Horseriding will make your hips bigger and thighs more muscley!

How long should it take for a female to get toned butt thighs waist and hips?

Most programs believe that noticable results can be seen in four to six weeks.

How do you get thicker arms thighs hips calves and butt in two months?

Why would you want to do that! Exercise and toning will build muscle and thus form shape to these areas.