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You have to talk to the person who has bunny ears on and distract them. Then you shut the bunny ears off. And the guy will give you this password. Your welcome!!!


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You go to the printer room and get the system password.

are you talking about poptropica

out of the door to the right, after you go there, it will see you as an intruder, and you will get sent to the freezer.

There no thing as 20 carrots is 24 carrots

You do not need bins of carrots on 24 carrot island

If you go on the 24 carrot misson/island, you can go into the factory and go through the vent to find the main room. It's NOT the freezer room or the printer room. and the carrot blender's in there.

I don't think there is a secret code unless you were talking about 24 Carrot, and you get it from this bunny drone girl in the printer room.

if you done the island 24 carrots,you be able to find him

There is no painters room on 24 carrot island.

go to your map up in the right corner it will say 24 carrot.

What do you do in the processing room in 24 Carrot Island?

just tap on the power butten what do you mean????????????????????????

there r 2 one in 24 carrots and one with the space guy

you have to get the crowbar if you find charlie's cat. Evan, age 7

explode him in his ship by running him into asteroids

on the blue print it will help you find it.

Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth Island, Big Nate Island, and 24 Carrots Island are the easiest Poptropica islands to beat.

The carrot farm is on 24 Carrot Island, but someone is taking all the carrots!

the processing room is in the vents and the map will say where the processing room is :)

it will come to live and kill u after it ate you're famillly.

you type the command in the coppeier room.

The smelter is in the Processing Room, where carrots are turned into rocket fuel.

You jump and avoid. There will be a bunny drone hat. Put it on.

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