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How do you get Palkia and Dialga on Pokemon pearl?

You can catch palkia in the spear pillar after you beat Candice and then go to the galatic HQ in veilstone city. Diagla isn't available in pearl. If you buy diamond you will be able to get dialga but not palkia. Sorry.

Where do you cacth Palkia on Pokemon pearl?

you get palkia in the spear pillar

In Pokemon pearl where do you get Palkia?

spear pillar

Where to get Palkia in Pokemon Pearl?

at spear pillar

Where do you get Palkia in Pokemon Pearl?

spear pillar

Where to get palkia?

Spear Pillar on Pokemon Pearl DS. Hope this helps!! :) Palkia is a Psycho Pokemon :D Palkia has no weakness. - yes, its on Spear Pillar.

Pokemon pearl how to catch Palkia?

go to heart home city go to the cave on your left and go to spear pillar through the cave and battle the three team galatic people and battle palkia

What do you do at spear pillar?

After defeating all of team galatic you get to battle/capture Diagla or Palkia, the two legendary Pokemon of time and space... If you have diamond, you get to battle/capture Diagla, but if you have Pearl you get to battle/capture Palkia.

How do you get to sunshore city in Pokemon pearl?

You will have to beat team galatic at the pillar to get to sunyshore

Where to get Palkia on pokemon pearl?

You'll find it in Spear Pillar.

How do find Palkia in Pokemon Pearl?

go to the spear pillar

What is the diffrencee between Pokemon dimond and Pokemon Pearl?

POKEMON PEARL HAS palkia AT SPEAR PILLAR, AND Pokemon diamond has dialga.

Where is the Pokemon Palkia in Pokemon Pearl?

in spear pillar after the snowpoint gym challenge (spear pillar is in mt coronet)

Where is Palkia at in pokemon pearl?

on top of mount coronet at spear pillar

Where are Dialga and Palkia on Pokemon pearl?

Well I believe you find them at the pillar..... :)

Where do you catch palkea in Pokemon peal?

In Pokemon Pearl, you catch Palkia in the Spear PIllar.

Were is palkia in pearl?

Palkia is in spear pillar but only on pearl.

What are the Pokemon you catch in pearl but not diamond?

shieldon-fossil palkia-spear pillar

Were is Palkia in Pokemon pearl?

go to mt corenet then go to spear pillar

Where do you find palkiya on Pokemon pearl?

palkia is on spear pillar search where to find palkia on youtube glad i could

How do you get pearl in Pokemon Pearl?

if you mean palkia, go to spear pillar on top of mt. cornet. after the league.

How do you get to sunnyshore city on Pokemon Pearl?

You must defeat (or capture!) Palkia in Spear Pillar then you can get there.

What do you do to catch Palkia and or dialgav on Pokemon Pearl?

The Spear Pillar on top of Mt. Coronet.

Where to find Palkia on Pokemon pearl?

you find it at spear pillar means at mt. cornet

Where in mount coronet do you find Cyurs in Pokemon pearl?

we get him in the sky pillar where palkia appears