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go on Google, then type moshi monsters

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What is the highest level on mushi monsters?

the highest level you can get on mushi monsters is level 17(add me on mushi monsters im blue-and-pink-rule add me plez)

Who created mushi monsters?

The person who created mushi monsters was: Lillyan Vidall, Amber Rastel, and Alex Regarto.

Is mushi monsters good?

it is called moshi monters not mushi monters it is amazing you can do eveything you want

Cheats for mushi monsters?

there are but you have to buy stuff to get them

Why cant you chat on mushi monsters?

that's how the game is played

How do you chat on mushi monsters?

Correction: Moshi Monster po Hindi mushi monster.... :)) bwal po makipag chat dunh ^^

What kind of flowers do you get to a unacorn pet on mushi monsters?

What kind of flowers do you get to a unicorn pet on mosh monsters

Who has the most rooms on mushi monsters?

Icecreampizza and blaze-the-cat-rox

Were is the dressing room on mushi monsters?

If you go out your door, it will be around your house and your garden.

On mushi monsters do you hsve to be a member to get a moshling?

if you want a moshling you dont have to be a member.

Where is The regisTraTion link in mushi monsTers?

The link is sent to your email address you register with.

Can you get some rocks from friends on mushi monsters?

no but u can click on a frend and go to its room.

What are good names for luvlis on mushi monsters?

good names for those are devil lava badboy

On Mushi monsters how many mushlings can you get if you are not a member?

you can only get 2 if you are not a member. if you are a member, you can get as many as you want

How do you get your monster a pet on mushi monsters?

you get a mushlim by using flowers that r at the seed cart in main street

How do you get Stanley the pet on mushi monsters?

Any two love berries and any two dragon fruits

What is mushi in Japanese?

虫 This is "mushi" in Japanese. "Mushi" means "insect".

Can you chat on mushi monsters?

no way!!! yes yuhh can i have one what do yuhh think that the bulliten board is for of course yuhh can

How do you make an account on mushi monsters?

you look at sign in and under it it says create an acount you click on that and follow instructions

Can you give rox away on mushi monsters?

kinda, yea. not to friends, just to buy things.add me, I'm edrina12.

How do you get clothes for your monster on mushi monsters?

Simply go to the various places, find a shop you like and buy the item!

Where do you tipe the codes in moshi monsters?

you type the code in when you sign in on the bottom line

Is there a cheat for membership on mushi monsters?

Yes, enter: 20gx-sbhh37k or 2ge3g7h7+56=dfgh6 into the Mopod code section!

What is better mushi monsters or club penguin?

in my opinion cp. u can do more and have more fun, mm is ok 4 me

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