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What do you look for if both headlights suddenly stop working on a 1992 Toyota Camry LE?

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you should check the fuse box for a burnt fuse, you can tell if you take it out and the middle wire in the see through fuse is burnt, then replace the same fuse and you should be set, unless its both of the headlight bulbs which rarely happens

2005-04-07 03:02:33
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Yes. Andy's Auto Sport do make halo headlights for a 99 Toyota Camry.

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Ihave Toyota Camry ac is stop suddenly even the is stop too ?

2001 Toyota Camry both low beam headlights stop working. jiggle sockets and they work again for a few weeks?

A reset button for headlights?

On a 1993 Toyota Camry what is the light on the dash that looks like a car with headlights on and what does it means when it is on?

this light tells you you have a headlight out

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Toyota should recall them, seriously, there have been over 1000 complaints of this same problem on the 2002 Toyota Camry - check google.

Do the headlights and brake lights share a fuse in a 2005 Toyota Camry?

Look in the owners manual. I think they are fused separately.

Speedometer stopped working on 1993 Toyota Camry?

There are a few reasons that could cause the speedometer to stop working on your Toyota Camry. If the mileage is still working then the speedometer cable end is damaged. If both the odometer and speedometer do not work then the cable is most likely broken.

When was Toyota Camry created?

Toyota Camry was created in 1982.

Why doesn't 1998 Toyota Camry low beam headlight work?

You need to check the wiring around headlights, fuses and the bulbs.

Can an alternator stop the ac from working on a Toyota Camry?

No, it cannot. But the belt connecting them together can.

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No, it will not.

How do you adjust the headlights on a 1999 Toyota Toyota Camry?

There are two scres on each headlight assy. One controls the upwards and downwards motion, and the other controls left to right movement

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How do you aim the headlights on a 1995 Toyota Camry?

1992-1996 Toyota Camry headlight adjustmthere are two screws which affect the headlight alignment. The one that faces up on nearest the fender is the verticle adjuster.The one that is one the side next to the grill is the horizontal adjuster.

Will a 2.2 engine out of a 1996 Toyota Camry fit in a 1997 Toyota Camry?

Will a 2.2 engine out of a 1996 Toyota Camry fit in a 1997 Toyota Camry? Yes it will fit you just have to change from distributor to coil packs it will fit because i have a 96 Toyota camry with a 2.2L engine from a 99 model.

Why does your speedometer and odometer not work on your 97 Toyota Camry?

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