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The preference in which arithematic operations are performed in an arithematic expression is called as Hierarchy of operations.

Its very important in C Programming to predefine the Hierarchy of operations to the C compiler in order to solve the given arithematic expression correctly.

e.g.: If a programmer wishes to perform ,z=a+b/c;it may beinterpretedas z=(a+b)/c or z=a+(b/c).

and if a=3,b=6,c=2 then using the same expression we will obtain two differentanswersas z=4.5 or z=6.

To avoid this condition we must be aware of hierarchy of operations used in C programming.

In arithematic expressions scanning is always done from left to right.

The priority of operations is as shown below,




Parenthesisos brackets()


Multiplication & Division


Addition & Subtraction


Assignment i.e.=

If we consider the logical operators used in C language,the operator precedence will be like;




Logical NOT

* / %

Arithmetic and moulus

+ -



== !=



Logical AND

Logical OR



In the tables above,the higher the position of an operator,higher is its priority.

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Q: What do you mean by Hierarchy in C language?
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