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What do you mean by M20 concrete?

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In this M refer to Maximum compressive strength and 20 refer that concrete that with stand upto 20KN compressive strength.

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it is concrete mix which gain strength 20kn/mm2 in 28 day of curing....

how much tensile strength of M20 grade concrete at 28 Days

Yes. OPC 43 grade cement can be used to make M20 grade concrete.It can be used to make concrete up to M30 Grade.See related link.

Required slump height of M20 for different concrete structures, are normally calculated by the required slump value, which would come out to be 100 lits.

M20 Mrefers to mix and 20 refers to 20 n/mm2 strengh and M200 mix 200n/mm2

M20 give you strength of 20Mpa and M25 give you strength of 25 Mpa after 28 days of curing.

1:1.5:3 is the good resulted

That is approximately 5,300 pounds.

2.4 g/cc or 2400kg per cum

The commonly used grades of concrete are as follows,M10M15M20M25M30M35M40

Cement : Fine Aggregate : Coarse Aggregate 1 : 1.5 : 3

Ordinary concreteM10M15M20Standard ConcreteM25M30M35M40M45M50M55High strength concreteM60M65M70M75M80

By mix design procedure you calculate F.A, C.A, cement and water content for any grade of concrete

The strength of M20 concrete for 7days will be 63%( say 12.6) of 28days strength i.e. 20N/sq mm

Its simple, we know that m20 grade concrete ratio is 1 : 1.5 : 3 :, so we equet quantity of conrete ( assume that total quantity 500 )- 500 = x 1.5x 3x x= 90.90 kg we can calculate sand and agregates quantity also..

M20 refers to the grade of the concrete generally used in construction purpose. Here, M refers to mix & number 20 refers to the characteristic strength of concrete. the proportions of this grade is (1:1 1/2: 3). Along with this there are some more grades used in constructions i.e., M5, M7.5, M10, M15, M25, M30................. M80

generally a nominal mix is expressed in terms of aggregate cement ratio. nominal mix concrete may be used for grades of concrete M20 or lower.

M10-1:3:6M15-1:2:4 M20-1:1.5:3 M25-1:1:2 M30-Mix Design

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