What do you mean by arena?

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A modern arena is an auditorium with a central space for sports, concerts, circuses, etc. enclosed by tiered seating for spectators. Historically, an arena was a central space in Roman amphitheaters covered with sand that was used for spectacles such as gladiatorial fights and mock naval battles. In the United States, the word "arena" refers to such a space that is indoors and is used for sports such as basketball and ice hockey. However, the home court for Duke University's basketball team in Durham, North Carolina is called "Cameron Indoor Stadium". And the former home for the Chicago Bulls NBA team from 1967-1994 and the Chicago Blackhawks NHL team from 1929-1994 was called "Chicago Stadium". High school and College Basketball typically is played in smaller auditoriums called "field houses" and "gymnasiums" as well as other indoor sports. The word "arena" is normally not used for outdoor sports such as soccer, American football, and baseball. The word normally employed in reference to an outdoor sports facility is "stadium". In baseball, the term commonly employed in reference to the facility where it is played, especially in the United States, is "ballpark" or just "park" rather than "stadium". Historically, a stadium was an open-air running track in ancient Greece that was enclosed by a banked structure for spectator seating which was U-shaped. The word "stadium" was also employed in reference to the length of the track which was usually approximately 607 English feet or 185 meters. Figuratively, the word "arena" can refer to any sphere of human activity, especially where there is competition or conflict involved, such as in business, politics, or the military.

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What does arena mean in english

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