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That's how a political structure is organized.

2008-08-17 10:19:15
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Q: What do you mean by organizational structure of a political party?
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What des political party mean?

political party means an organization to gain political power

What does it mean by organizational structure of an office?

Meaning . the whole office area (from receptionist to the President ) the structure (what makes it run) organization. I tried...

What does political party platform mean in Canada?

It means the set of policies that a political party campaigns with in a given election.

What do you mean by prerequisites of a political party?

Prerequisites of a political party means what ever the party should require beforehand before forming one.

What dose political party platform mean?

A political party platform is a list of issues that are, at times, controversial, and what stance the party takes on each issue.

What political party does the greenpeace support?

this probably isn't what your looking for, but green peace is a political party but they have naver had someone in there party get an office. and i mean never

What party was Selena Quintanilla?

if you mean political she was democratic

What does political party platform mean?

A document that states the aims, principles and beliefs on the party.

What is the name of present political party in japan?

Parliamentary Representative democratic monarchy is the type of government... i dont know what you mean by political party

What party is in charge of the olympic games?

If you mean political party, it is actually run by a committee rather than a party.

What do the letters ALP mean?

ALP stands for the political party known as the Australian Labor Party.

What are the five main political in Australia?

If you mean the 5 main political parties, I'd say it would be the Australian Labor Party, Liberal Party, National Party, Greens and Family First Party.

What do you mean when you say political parties practice partisan politics?

when a political stance or decision favors one party over another based on the party.

What does it mean to be a political party in canada?

A political party is a group of like-minded individuals seeking to be elected to government. They are recognized by Elections Canada and can seek election.

What is the meaning of political party?

it mean an act in government that has to deal with an island

What does it mean Not to be affiliated with a major or minor political party?

It means you are an Independent.

What does navigate in political party mean?

it means that they dont know how to navigate

What does political ideologies mean in your own words?

They are the ideas used for persuade the people to support some political party.

What do political affiliation mean?

It is what political party you most often identify with, such as democrat, republican, green. libertarian, etc.

What does a fixed jurisdictional area mean?

bureaucrats carry out specific duties within an organizational structure that remains stable over time.

What does affiliated mean?

affiliated - linked (usually formally to an organization or political party)

What does political party mean?

Election held to choose candidates for the main election

Who were the wigs?

Do you mean the Whigs? Whig was a political party in the US in the mid 1800s.

Who was the party leader for the political party?

Since you are asking this in the category "Adolf Hitler" I assume you mean the Nazi party. Adolf Hitler was leader of Germany AND of the Nazi party.

What does the elephant and horse mean with the debates?

For political debates the Elephant represents the Republican party and the donkey represents the Democratic party.