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your brake light switch is probably out

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Q: What do you need to do if both your brake lights are out in the rear of your 1998 Ford Coutour but your rear window light works the fuse and both lights are good and the signal and driving light work?
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1997 Cadillac eldorado has no brake lights the brake light in the rear window works and all signal lights work just no rear brake lights?

the turn signal switch is probably bad

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98 Chevy Lumina What would cause the brake lights not to work but the one in the rear window still works?

its either a fuse, or the turn signal switch needs to be replaced

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Why doesn't Brake light work on a 95 Monte Carlo but the turn signals do?

Theres this plate at the bottom of your steering colomb, inside it actually, that has the contacts that work all the signals/ brakelights and the like. It apparently wears out after a while. if you fiddle with the turn signal the brake lights will have to take the steeringwheel off and replace the sucker to really fix it. Just watch your tail lights in a store window to see what i mean, shake the turn signal thingy and your lights will work.

What could be wrong if all the lights work on the car except the brake lights?

Could be a brake switch, its under the brake pedal arm - work the trigger manually and see if its stuck. Doublecheck your brake lights though...does the single brake light in the window work? (double check the bulb) If the brake light in the window works and the 2 tail lights do not work, then you have a bad "turn signal switch." I know, the name is confusing. The turn signal switch is the multifunction stick (cruise/wipers/turn signals) on the left side of the steering column and the large plastic and electric mechanism it operates. The steeing wheel has to come off and the unit has to be replaced. It's not easy to do for most and its not cheap either.

1998 lumina the window brake light works but not the main brake lights what could be wrong?

Try the turn signal switch in the steering column. I know it sound stupid but that is the problem and they are not cheap. At a service shop besides a dealer you are probably talking around $200+. I had the same problem, sometimes the rear brake lights would work and sometimes not but window light always worked. Good Luck

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Your brake lights and head lights do not work your blinkers and running lights do?

My rear window brake light works, but not my tail light brakes on my 1997 Monte Carlo. What is the problem?

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