What do you need to do to become a cake decorator?


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I took a cake decorating class at the local technical college here. You can take like cake decorating I, II, and III. Places like Michael's also offers cake decorating classes and they may be cheaper than the local college. I did get a certificate when I took the class at the local Technical College. Good is alot of fun. Cake decorating is an art, It amazes me to watch a decorator create a rose on a tool that looks like a roofing nail. Decorators I know have people tell them that it would be a fun job. What they do not understand that some decorators in the larger bakeries have to produce 60 to 80 cakes a day! The wife did it for 21 years!

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None. But it is best to go to college and graduate but to be a cake decorator you dont need to go to college.

Culinary arts, and you need to be good at math/measuring.

you need to have creative expression. and also people always quit or get laid off which can leave and open opportunity for you to become a cake decorator as your choice career.

Most cake decorators need some sort of training and an education in culinary arts, baking, ect. They also should intern or work for a bakery to learn some tricks and tips to becoming a cake decorator, too.

You need to have 4/5 GCSEs Grades A - Cor GNVQ intermediate or equivalent.

You will probably need some training, along with a degree from a baking or culinary school.

A college degree never hurts. Does a cake decorator need one? I would say not necessarily.More detail:No, you definitely do not need a college degree to be a cake decorator. I was a cake decorator long before I ever went to college. You don't even have to have any formal training in it - you just need the talent and desire to learn. I learned by books, specifically the Wilton books.As long as you deliver quality cakes, that's all you really need. But if you plan to do it commercially, as in setting up a business for it, you will need to be licensed by the city or county. But you can also do it out of your home without the license if it's only a part time or side line business, and you only do a few each month.

Check with your local baker/cake decorator about the size of cake needed. Depending upon the cake/size and decorations and extras a cake for 250 will cost upwards of $300.

Most cake decorators work in either a kitchen or studio.

Because of the gravity of the earth and talk to the turtle

anyone can be a cake decorator. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Practice, practice, practice.

There is a big difference between interior designer and interior decorator , Anyone become an interior decorator who have little creativity and loves playing with colors, fabrics, textiles can easily become a decorator by simply printing off a business card and promoting themselves to clients.

it really depends on the amount of orders of cake they get a day and till when the person wants the cake , and how long it will take.

you have to have a passion for it first of all and you have to be a good artist(:

its injected through a tube with a point - similar to a cake decorator

The low pay compared to the skill required.

They decorate a cake. This could be anything from icing, carving, filling, or decorating with icing, fondant, designs, and so on.

A Cake Decorator is a professional who is trained to create a variety of designs on pastries and cakes, ranging from simple to ornate. Cake decorators have an understanding of fillings and frostings and are also aware of what baking materials can withstand certain temperatures. A cake decorators may choose to specialize in wedding cakes - since there is a high demand for them.

Cake Boss is a reality television star, baker, and decorator. His name is Bartolo Valastro Jr. and his nickname is Buddy.

A baker, patisserier, chef, or cake decorator.

To express their creativity, and get paid while doing it!

Maybe a very skillful baker, yes. But a professional cake decorator is the person most likely to do the drawing.

It's around $ 8 - $ 15 roughly depends on the place

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