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What do you need to look for to find out why the speed odometer doesn't work on a 99 Oldsmobile intrigue?


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Check the cable from the transmission, probably broken.

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The gauge itself may be dead. I have seen one dead speedometer in a dash in 30 years, and that one was the old mechanical kind.

No, the odometer measures the distance traveled by a vehicle. The speedometer measures the speed at any given moment in time, but not the average speed.

On the right side of the transmission, just inboard of the right inner CV joint, just above where the right axle goes into the transmission (differential).

what can cause my speed odometer to stop working, it would work awhile, than stop, now not at all

there are four of them and they are located on the inside of each wheel on the underbody of the car. they are black and are made of plastic. The Vehicle speed sensor is actually somewhere on the trans. The wheel speed sensors are located inside the wheels not on the under body of the vehicle.

The odometer gets its signal from the speed sensor, so if the (tailshaft) speed sensor is bad then the odometer obviously will not work

The resitors or contacts to the resistors have quit. Start at the switch, check continuity/resistance on the input and output for each speed.

Odometer is a device to measure the speed of vehicles. So it is also known as Speedometer.

there is none. the speed sensor is in the tranny

Where is the speed sensor located on a 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora

Records mileage and speed of the vehicle

you need to change the speedometer cause if your odometer is counting then speedometer should be working too. make sure your speed gear its working its in the side of the transmission The odometer and speedometer read off of the same signal. If one works, the signal is ok and the other gauge is bad.

Bad speed sensor is a likely culprit

The 2001 General Motors (Oldsmobile Division) Intrigue came equipped with the 3.5L engine and 4-speed automatic transmission FWD. One method of purging air from the cooling system after repairs and flushing it involves refilling it, and running the motor and heater, and leaving the radiator pressure cap off to 'burp' off the air trapped inside.

Odometer is usually controlled by the speed sensor not a fuse . In most vehicles it is sticking out the side of the transmission

There is no such thing. The odometer is electrically driven from the PCM via the vehicle speed sensor. If the odometer has failed you need to replace the cluster.

the 1994 oldsmobile lss has both the computer controlls the govenor

because the blower motor is no good, for some reason it get damp in the blower motor chamber, and slowly the speeds start to go one by one until you just have high.

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