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What do you put on a broken thumb?

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You would want to make a splint to keep the finger from moving and then ice it. Popsickle sticks taped to the finger work as great splints.

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Can a broken thumb be treated?

A broken thumb can be treated. A doctor can place the bone back in place if needed. The thumb is usually put in a cast or a splint so it can heal properly.

How do you cure a broken thumb?

Put dha bone back in place and need a cast

What is the difference between a sprained thumb and a broken thumb?

In a sprained thumb, the ligaments have been torn. With a broken thumb, one or more of the bones has actually been broken. Sprains can be just as painful as breaks.

Do doctors put cast on broken thumbs?

yes they do put a cast on but they can sometimes put a spica thumb splint on it depending upon how badly broken it is but if it is really bad they might have to operate but that is very rare.

How do you fix a broken thumb?

You can not fix a broken thumb.if its broken you will have to get a fake one or something or you can live without a if any one has a broken thumb live your life with pride.

How would you know if your thumb in broken?

If it's not attached to your hand, it might be broken.

Can play football with a broken thumb?


How do they take pins out of a broken thumb?

with pliers

What pain do you feel with a broken thumb?

You will mainly feel the pain in the thumb when you have broken it. It can sometimes radiate up the forearm though and could even make you vomit.

How do you repair a broken Thumb Drive?

go to the doctors

What are symptoms of a broken thumb?

Swelling, pain, lack of total mobility, a feeling of hotness, contusions and discoloration from hematoma. Note that these are also the symptoms of a bad jam or sprain. Broken thumb generally occurs near the junction of the thumb with the hand or the metacarpo-phalangeal joint. So a broken thumb is frequently accompanied with a dislocation or subluxation of this joint. Unless the fracture is unusually severe, and you can see angulation of the extremity, or ends of the broken bone (which is rare), there is no way to tell the thumb is broken without imagery. An xray at least is required to confirm.

How do you tape a broken thumb?

Go to a doctor and get a splint. Do not try to self remedy, or your thumb may grow crooked.

What do you do about a jammed thumb?

Put an ice pack on the thumb and see a doctor.

What kind of cells would repair a broken a thumb?


How long does it take a broken thumb to heal?

6 weeks.

How do you play the high b on the clarinet?

you put your finger that's next to your thumb on the highest key and you put your thumb on the key that's above the thumb hole key.

Can it take 2 weeks for a broken thumb to heal?

Most broken bones need 5 - 6 weeks of recovery. Consult with your doctor if you want to remove the cast or brace that you may have on your thumb.

How do you use thumb in a sentence?

He put medicine on his swelling thumb. She had a ring on her ring finger, her index finer, and her thumb. At night the baby sucks his thumb.

How can you tell if you have broken your thumb?

tell an adult then have them go to the doc and find out

What do you do with a broken thumb?

Well , first you will have to get a temporary splint and then get a real one so it will heal in about 2 months...just be careful with your thumb!

Can you still move your thumb if it is broken?

yes (: i broke my thumb about 4 years ago and i remember being able to move it still.

Your baby sucks her thumb the thumb is badley cracked what can you put on it?

Neosporin and if u don't want her sucking on it put gloves on her hands

What to do with a broken thumb?

Go to the doctor and get an x ray to clarify you will generally get a cast for abOut a month,if you don't want to go to the doctor then. The symPtoms for a broken thumb are Swelling Pain Discoloration Mobility(sometimes you can still move thumb) If you have 2or3 of these you can get a real cheep splint at a local pharmacy.

How do you know if your thumb is broken or fractured from a fall?

Best way to know is to get an xray

How long does a broken thumb stay in a cast?

16 weeks in a cast ! It really depends on how bad the break was. for example i broke my thumb 1 month ago and didnt realise then i broke it again which resulted in me going to the hospital. but i was only put in a cast for a week which suprised me as the Doctor asked me if i was not in alot of pain after seeing how bad the break in my thumb was.