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Lay off

You shouldn't write the reason unless you are requested.

In any case, be truthful when talking about reasons.

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Why do decisions involve trade-offs?

because averyone has to make sacrifices

Why does every decision involve trade-offs?

because evryone has to make sacrifices.

Why can't I win anything in the checkpoints scratch-offs?

Its because your parents don't love you.......

How does the phrase guns or butter express the principle of trade-offs?

The steel needed to produce a tractor cannot be used to produce a tank.The reason for that is scarcity.

What will be that major reason that a husband is not sexually satisfied from her wife?

Turn offs, if she is not spontaneous in bed.

Why did the north support slavery?

because they were slack offs.

What is the relationship between decisions and trade-offs?

Decisions are directly related to trade offs because what one person chooses can have an effect on outcome. Trade-offs may need to be analyzed carefully if there are risks involved.For every decision you make their is a trade-off, because you always have to give something up in exchange for another decision.

When is the worldcup?

England can't host it because they are show offs

Why is the rainforest being chopped offs?

Because they need paper for work.

Trade offs are required because wants are unlimited and resources are what?


What is the best lolly for aeroplane take offs?

mentos because they make saliver

What are product trade-offs?

safety and health

Can you get hair on Club Penguin if you are not a member?

No you can only get hair if your a member because Club Penguin is one of the biggest rip offs you can get. in the list of rip offs it is between webkinz and fusionfall.

What spin-offs do you use because of the Space Race?

Bras and G-strings

Can you sell knock offs as knock offs legally?

No it illegal.

What are spin offs of binoculars?

what are some spin offs of binoculars

Where can you buy a cheap penny skateboard?

on amazon they have "penny boards" but they are what others call knock offs. they are kind of iffy though because they aren't good quality. I was looking for some cheap ones but i just decided to just save up for the original because knock offs are knock offs and some times they aren't as good as the real deal. XD

What pitcher has the most career pick-offs?

Andy Pettite

What is the duration of Cast Offs?

The duration of Cast Offs is 3600.0 seconds.

What do you mean by trade-offs?

Trade-offs are opportunities one forego in order to pursue a different opportunity. You must consider your trade-offs to make sure you are making the best business decision.

What year did wolves get promoted through the play-offs?


How would the President of the US talk about scarcity and trade-offs?

The president of the united states would talk about scarcity and trade-off because its what he sacrifices in his everyday life for the whole world its what he trying to change.

Lay offs in weirton steel and follansbee steel mills?

Layoffs not Lay offs

Last time red wings got swept in play-offs?


Why do consumers producers and governments have to make choices?

Because these economic actors exist in a condition of scarcity, which means that they must make trade-offs to achieve their desires. Making trade-offs implies economic choices exist.

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