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What do you say to a girl when first meeting her?

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Hi, how are you. Be sure to look mature. Don't be like "Hey yo, whatsup babe?" Don't act cool be normal. Do whatever you do when you're with your friends.

AnswerYou say a proper greeting and introduce your self. Make small talk about the surrounding your at.Comment on her outfit or hair. Ask her general questions that have to do with activities that people your age would do for fun. Talk about mutual people you know, in a positive way only, no one likes a drag. You could ask her about her family and pets. People love their animals, sometimes more than humans in their lives. Good luck and have fun.
2011-09-13 10:43:57
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What to say to a girl the first time you are meeting her?

a greeting

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A ring *** When you first meet you should give her a smile.

If you really like a girl what should be your first word to meeting her?


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Me and this girl are meeting for the first time both shy any ideas where to go first time meeting each other so we need to talk abit really not too much though?

Since you are meeting the girl for the first time, you can browse at a flea market, mall, or craft fair or just see a movie.

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Check their history

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You dont want to do that on the first day because then the girl/guy will think you are trying to rush things

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What can a guy say to make friends with a guys and girls when first meeting?

you can say hi whats your name

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Goodbye! I'll miss you so much! is what i did for a farewell meeting with my inlaw cousin. She was leaving the country. Maybe "I'll remember you". It depends... this is just for a girl.

How do you impress a girl in first meeting in Tamil?

Give her a Jasmine garland and say, '' Naan Unnai Kaadhalikkirein.'' Talk to her openly, do not hide anything, do not talk false, and go her to with very smart turn out.

How do you start a conversation with a girl you want to be your girlfriend on your first meeting?

Find out what she likes music , band ect.

Why does man lie when they are meeting female friends?

He probably lies to impress the girl or to make a good impression. It is never good to lie when first meeting someone, or ever.

What to say to a girl on the first date?

You have to compliment her.

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