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Ask: What is it about my behavior -- state specific instance - that makes you feel uncomfortable? If your partner states a specific instance, suggest that you will change your behavior - and this must always be a tit-for-tat - if your partner will also change some behavior that you object to. All accomodations must be mutual.

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How do you tell your inappropriate friend they have to change or you dont want to be friends anymore?

just tell them you dont feel comfortable with the things they say and you need them to stop because you cant be around someone like that.

What do you do when a boy says hi?

Say was-sup bro (if you like him) and you'll start to feel more comfortable around him

How big of deal is it for a macho guy to say I love you first?

Saying "I Love You" has nothing to do with being a "man" or "macho" it has to do whether you feel that way enough to say it to someone when you feel comfortable doing so.

What do atheist say when someone sneezes?

It truly depends on the person. For example when someone sneezes around me (being an atheist) that I don't know or know to be religious, I will gladly say bless you. Why because it is 2 meaningless words that will make the person feel comfortable. But each person is different, and most won't say anything at all.

If im shy to talk to a boy?

He will never find out, so try to shake the shyness or even be in a group and say I like you. You could also join the group conversation and get a feel for what he's like until you feel more comfortable around him and learn more about him; it will be easier to approach him if you feel more comfortable around him.

What do you feel when you're in love?

For me, I feel really comfortable around the person, but around most people I'm shy and insecure. I feel really outgoing around the person I love, and i can tell him anything. So for me, I get nervous around crushes, but when I love someone, I'm outgoing around them<3 When you finally find out your in love you kind of feel nervous around the person you like as at present i fancy someone who has moved to a different part of the country and that is really hard for me. But all I can say it isn't really a nice feeling if you don't know how the other person feels

Is that the more you like a person the shier you are around him or her?

Well when you first meet someone you think you like, you tend to be shy around them. But say, you're really in love with someone, then you shouldn't be shy around him or her, you should be comfortable.

How to express your feeling properly to someone you felt attached to while you are very shy in nature and not the talkative kind of person?

Do whatever comes naturally and feels comfortable to you. When the time comes simply say what you feel in a way that's comfortable to you and it will come to you when its comfortable.

How do you make a shy girl smile?

Make her feel comfortable around you, say hi, talk to her, then crack a funny joke! if you try this you will have her heart.

What do you say when a guy asked if your a virgin?

Whatever you feel comfortable with saying :')

Why would someone say you earned the right to call them by their nickname?

There are many people with a nickname. They only feel comfortable if someone they like and enjoy being around calls them by their nickname and if they are not that close to the person then they feel they have no right to be called by their nickname. It sounds as if this person really likes you and therefore has given you permission to call them by their nickname. It is a bond of trust.

How do you be social or have small talk?

The best way that I've found is to focus on the other person. Don't worry about what you will say, but be confident and look around the room to see who is being left out. Go up to person and say hi, and try to make the other person feel more comfortable. Try to remember almost everyone feels uncomfortable at social gathers. Making someone else feel more comfortable will give you more confidence and you will become someone others will want to talk to.

If your trying to get a girl over to your place to tell her how you feel about her what can you say to get her to come over and feel comfortable about doing it?

Dont pressure her...say what u feel and hope for the best

What is the age can a child go shopping by themself at the mall?

a good age is when they feel comfortable by themself and confident on getting around. i say about anywhere from 13.

How To Get Someone To Like You?

First of all, you have to be yourself and be comfortable around them. If you don't express yourself the guy will feel like your an annoyance because you can't say what you want to say... So basically be yourself and give hints like laughing randomly and then be secret about it. That will get him interested in you and want to figure out more about you

What does it mean when a guy is bashful around you?

he may like you and just be too shy to say it or he may just be a shy person. talk to him get him to feel comfortable around you and build his confidence up.

What should i do if i am 14 and you like someone who is 16?

Just tell him/her. If you're already good friends then you'll already be comfortable around them and telling them will be that much easier or harder. Just say it to get it over with and if they don't feel the same way then you should move on

What should a woman say during sex?

I think the point really is that a woman should be having sex with someone she's comfortable enough with to say anything. Besides that, say anything you feel like saying! To turn him on more, say how good it feels, or what you want. Give direction. If you don't feel comfortable with this than don't say anything, just let him know you're enjoying it! Don't fake anything: just say or moan as you want to--or not at all.

Why do you feel bad when you say no?

because u feel that you just let someone down, and feel bad that you rejected someone

How can you know that someone loves you?

This may sound crazy, but you can just tell. You know they love you if you have that perfect feeling around them where you feel special around them and they also feel special around you and when they say they love you, you know they mean it.

What does it mean when a girl says i can't say?

It means they dont feel comfortable talking about it.

What to do when someone ask you out?

you be friendly and say what you feel

My boyfriend asked me how our relationship is going but i dont know what to say i mean its good but hes not comfortable with just that what can i say?

tell him exactly how you feel, because the more you tell the truth in a relationship the more trust is built and the more comfortable you feel with that person!

How come girls can say they love each other and guys can't?

I believe that girls feel more comfortable with their feelings, so it's easier feeling comfortable with expressing them. Men often feel the need to be "macho" and I think men might feel like they loose some of their "tough guy" image if they walk around expressing any feelings.

What do you do on a date with a girl?

its simple really all you got to do is be yourself make her feel comfortable around you...its also good to make her laugh.if you have nothing to say spark up a conversation with her

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