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Be honest and polite. let the truth in ur heart be the only thing that exists!

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How do you ask a guy to the movies?

well when you relly like a guy you pas him a note or get him when he is alone and say how you feel

What do You say to a girl when they ask you how you feel about them?

What do You say to a girl when they ask you how you feel about them?

How do you ask a really shy guy out?

The best way to ask a shy guy out is not to ask him in public. Don't ask your friends to ask him for you, or don't ask his friends to ask him. Say it straight to his face. Make him feel at ease, so try to sound relaxed.

How do you get a guy to ask you to dance if he hates you?

I must ask - why would you want to get a guy you feel hates you to dance with you?

How do you know when a guy is about to ask you out?

You just feel it trust me he is as nervos as you so if you feel like it you can ask him out first .

How can you tell if your guy friend is about to ask you out?

There is no honest way to tell because every guy is different. If you like this guy you should tell him how you feel. Don't wait for him to ask you out because some guys are shy and may not ask you out. Most importantly remember that if he does not say yes to you or if he does not ask you out then he does not deserve you. Best of luck!

If you have a good guy friend and you really like him what is an easy way to ask him out?

Dont ask him out tell him how you feel (: Dont ask him out tell him how you feel (:

What to say when a guy ask you out?


What to do if you like a guy but he likes you as a friend?

Ask him out, tell him how you feel.

What if a guy ask you out and hopes you say no?

He hopes you will say no because he is joking or he was dared to ask you by his friends.

If your scared that the guy you like doesn't like you back do you still ask him out?

i say you should ask him out if that's how you feel i mean the worst he could say is no so give it a chance cause you never no who could b the one

If you like a guy and you think he likes you but you are not sure you kind of like this other guy that told you that he likes you which one do you ask out?

Well I think that you should really think about this and talk to both of them. If the guy that didn't say he liked you, if you don't feel like yourself around him I would ask the guy that told me he liked me. :)

What should a girl do if a guy ask her out?

the answer is not on the internet. Rather, it is in your heart. If you like the guy, say yes. if not, say no

How do you ask a girl out if she is always with her friendsbecause it would be inbarresing if she says no?

JUST DO IT!! what do you have to loose... She proboaly won't say no. Unless your very ugly then do not ask her out. I am a girl and I would feel more comfortable with my friends and bring a guy friend if you want with you to ask her out to make you feel more comfortable.

What would a guy do if you ask him if he has a girlfriend?

he probley say the qnswer then say why???

When you ask a guy out and he says ill think about it what will he say?

he is going to say no

What if a guy says i feel you?

say 'well I dont wanna feel you!' hahaa

How do you ask a guy out by not getting nervous?

Just think about what you are going to say before you ask, and don't do anything stupid. he's just a guy and the worst he can say is "no".

How do you get the guy you like to be your boyfriend?

Just ask the guy out if he likes you he will say yes!

What to do when someone ask you out?

you be friendly and say what you feel

What would be the best way to ask a friend out?

you could say, "would you like to catch a movie sometime? go for dinner?" when your on your "date" just ask them how they feel about the relationship and then when they say y how do you feel you can say what you feel.

How does a girl get a guy to ask her out?

You just say to him, "Dude, seriously... Ask me out already..."

What to say to a guy to get him to ask you out on a date you?

Why does he have to ask you on a date? Ask him to go out with you. What a damb answer!!!!you can do better am sure

What do you do if a guy has liked you for a year but he won't ever ask you out and the guy has a girlfriend?

you ask the guy if you would like to go out with him and i have a feeling he'll say yes.

What are good sex questions to ask?

if your a guy: its in. can you feel it? if your a girl: have you put it in yet? i can't feel anything.