What do you start physical digestion with?

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What is the job of the mandible?

To start the process of physical digestion.

Where does the chemical digestion of starches start?

In your mouth! um..... actually physical digestion takes place in the mouth.....

What is the physical digestion in the mouth?

Chewing is the physical digestion in the mouth.

Is digestion a physical change?

Digestion is primarily a chemical change which also results in a physical change.

Why is the mouth and the stomach near the start of the digestive system?

The mouth and stomach have roles in physical digestion, or breaking down food into smaller particles. This physical digestion makes the later chemical digestion more efficient by increasing the surface area on which digestive chemicals can work on the particles.

Is digestion a chemical or physical?

Digestion can be either chemical or physical - physical digestion occurs when you chew food in your mouth (mastication) or chemical when it is broken down in the stomach (via HCl), just to give a few examples. There are many examples of both chemical and physical digestion.

Is digestion a physical or chemical change?

Digestion is a chemical change.

What part of digestion involves a physical change?

mechanical digestion

Mechanical digestion the same as physical digestion?

Mechanical and Physical digestion are the same thing. They are both used to mash food and grind it by using the teeth

What type of foods don't require chemical and physical digestion?

all foods require either physical or chemical digestion.

What teeth do you use in physical digestion?

All teeth are used in physical digestion and break-down of food before swallowing.

Where is the start of chemical digestion?

the start of chemical digestion is the mouth and ends in the small intestine. This is true and the saliva has the power of the chemical digestion

Where does digestion of proteins start?

the digestion of proteins begin in the stomach.

What type of change (physicalchemical) that occurs in mechanical digestion?

By definition mechanical digestion is a physical part of digestion.

What is the type of digestion the salivary glands have chemical physical both or neither?

Chemical digestion

Is digestion of a candy bar a physical change or chemical change?

Digestion is a chemical process.

Describe physical digestion in the stomach?

When the stomach churns and squeezes the food this is physical digestion. When the enzymes and hydrochloric acid are added, this is chemical change.

Is mechanical digestion physical or chemical?

Mechanical digestion is considered a physical process and includes actions such as mastication (chewing) and peristalsis (squeezing) of the intestine.

What does mechanical digestion stand for?

Mechanical digestion stands for the break down of food by chewing. Mechanical digestion is the physical part of the digestion process of the human body.

What is the breakdown of large food molecules into smaller molecules colled?

Physical digestion is the term for breaking down large food molecules into small molecules. Mechanical digestion and physical digestion mean the same thing.

Where does physical digestion begin?

Mouth: chewing

Where does physical digestion take place?


Physical breakdown of food?

Mechanical Digestion

Is digestion of food a physical process?


What is the physical part of digestion is called?