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you take the screw off the carbarator.

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โˆ™ 2007-04-27 21:10:58
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Q: What do you take off the governor on a pocket rocket and how do you do it?
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How do you take off governor on a gp mx3 pocket rocket?

ther is not one

How do you take an X1 pocket bikes governor off?

dont take the governor off instead use liquid nos just put a shot in your gas tank Adding nos wont do anything but maybe improve accel. The problem with the pocket bikes is that the speed governor is set low and cuts out your engine at a certain speed.

How does a rocket take off from Earth?

A rocket can take off by the Newton Third law of motion

Where is the governor on the X18 pocket bike and how do you take it off?

Your slide on your carberator is not allowing the carb to open all the way. You need to take it off and trim the slide about 1/4 inch

Why your pocket rocket leaking gas?

Your pocket rocket is leaking gas because your fuel line is not switched off or you need to clean your carburetor you might need a new one.

How do you get a broken pulley off a pocket rocket?

The proper tool is called a gear-puller

If you take the pocket bike governor off will it make it faster?

Governors limit the RPM of the engine. Removing it will increase RPM but can cause engine damage.

Where did the Saturn rocket take off?


What would happen if the thrust of the rocket at take-off was not enough to put the rocket in orbit around the earth?

it would not take off

Where did the rocket take off from?

hello poo

How does a rocket ship take off?

Hot gases rush out the bottom of the rocket ship

What generates thrust that helps a rocket take off?

burning fuel (rocket propellant)

When does the rocket take off in Pokemon?

In the game, the rocket never takes off '-_- The only reason it exists is because of Decoys

How does newton's second law apply to a rocket taking off?

the ground is exerting a force on the rocket causing it to take off

How do you take the governor off a 49cc Yamaha razz?

The Yamaha Governor is attached to the top of the fuel pump. Remove the governor retaining screws. The governor will come off.

How do you take governor off electric scooter?


What is the igniter on a rocket?

An igniter is what starts the combustion within the rocket engine so it can take off.

Why does a rocket need a large thrust on take off from the earth?

The rocket has to overcome the pull of gravity.

How do you take a governor off a moped?

Take of the variator pulley and there should be a bolt, just take it off

How do you take the govern off a 49cc pocket bike.?

brake it off haha

When did the first rocket take off?

The term 'rocket' is very General, the first recorded flying object to take off using rocket propulsion was either the Me-163 or the V-1 Doodlebug, both made in Nazi Germany.

How do you take off a governor on a 1999 Chevy s10?

It has no governor. Speed is controlled by the ECU.

How does the engine make the rocket take off?

jet propultion

What is name of the place where rockets are take off?

rocket airport

What does blast off mean?

(of a rocket or spacecraft) take off from a launching site."space shuttles generally blast off with a minimum of fuss"synonyms:be launched, take off, lift off, leave the ground, become airborne, take to the air"a rocket blasted off for a rendezvous with the space station"