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Everyday thingsWhy don't you talk to her about her fave things like her fave color and fave shopping mall? Or what about thing happening in your life and ask about hers.Hope this helps!!!

ya right that will never work SHE WILL THINK YOU ARE GAY!!!! just flirt with her tell her how pretty she is (this may sound like you are tying to get in her pants try to avoid sounding that way) or just talk to her about every day things like random thoughts or ask her how her day went AND LISTEN it always works

No she will not think you are gay. You talk about her interest and things you have in common. And if she wants to talk about a fight with a friend or drama just listen. And Kat is right. Besides only dumb blonds fall for that stupid "oo you're so pretty!" trick.

How to talk to your girlfriend As a girl who grew up with brothers and male cousins, and who has had several close male friends, I want to share with you guys out there an insiders look into "How to Talk to Your Girlfriend". I know, it may seem sometimes like she is speaking in a completely different language, one whose vocabulary consists of a lot of "feelings" and "emotions". The following guidelines, however, are general relationship rules of communication that both sexes should follow.

1. The "What's Wrong" trap: You fellows probably already know this one. You ask your girlfriend, who is staring angrily at the television, and not responding to your small talk, what is wrong with her. She answers, "Nothing". I call this a trap because you can either pretend to believe her, thus making her angrier that you are not sensing the obvious, i.e. that something IS wrong, or you can continue to question her until she yells, "I told you its NOTHING!" and storms out of the room in tears. So instead of asking, "What's wrong?", ask, "How are you feeling?". The first question carries an assumption that there is a problem; the second is an invitation to discuss her feelings without a need to "fix" anything. Men tend to want to be relationship repairmen: if something is broken, they want to fix it. Women, on the other hand, want to discuss the problem so they can work through it emotionally. We often feel there is no quick fix, and only want a sympathetic ear. If your girlfriend looks upset/angry, don't view the situation as a question of right or wrong, or something that can be "repaired", but rather as an opportunity for her to tell you how she is feeling free of judgment or solutions.

2. How to respond: After you have avoided the "What's Wrong" trap, and inquired how she is feeling, don't assume the response is about you. The one thing worse than asking "What's wrong?" is asking "What did I do?". She may have had a bad day at work, or problems with her friends or family, or she may just be feeling down. If this is the case, just listen sympathetically. (Or pretend to be sympathetic, if you are actually confused and overwhelmed). A good response is, "Wow, that must have been really difficult to confront her like that", or, "It's understandable that you would be angry after that happened". A bad response, and one that a lot of men use is, "Well, you shouldn't feel that way". This is actually one of the worst things you can say to your girlfriend. Even though you are trying to snap her out of it, and make her realize that she is over-reacting (at least in your opinion), she will see that as you devaluing her emotions, which, to her, are completely valid. The truth is no one can tell another person how they should feel about any given situation, and saying this will only make her more angry and upset. By demonstrating that you give credibility to her feelings, you can help her calm down, and build a stronger relationship in the process.

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Q: What do you talk about when you are with your girlfriend?
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