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Q: What do you think causes domestic violence?
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What causes abusers to commit domestic violence?

Domestic violence is a over used term, someone talking loudly at you could be considered Domestic violence!

Causes of domestic violence in Africa.?

Most causes of domestic violence are misunderstanding. Inability of the couple to understand the point of view of the other. Violence can arise from dishonesty, especially when people feel they are cheated.

What is the cause of domestic violence?

The main causes of domestic violence could include:substance abusefinancial problems, poverty, unemploymentimmaturityinfidelitymental illness, personality disorders, narcissism

Causes and effects of domestic violence in Nigeria?

Domestic violence in Nigeria happens for the same reasons it happens elsewhere. Usually, it is because a co-habiting couple is fighting or arguing.

Defention about domestic violence?

Domestic Violence is any sort of violence caused to one's partner in a matrimonial relationship or live in relationship or any form of domestic relationship. Domestic violence can be any sort of mental or physical torture. Domestic violence causes a great trauma to victim as the victim feels unsafe in his own house. If one needs more details they can approach to siddhartha shah and associates on 093222 86663.

What impact does domestic violence have on children who observe it?

domestic violence will stay in children's mind forever then perhaps when they get older they will think that they will do it because they think that it is okay to do - Dr. Mealier children behavior supervision

What type of charge is domestic violence?

Domestic violence harassment3rd

What causes domestic violence?

it is mostly caused by stress level and pure pressuring and drinking ,smoking

Is domestic violence a moral turpitude?

in domestic violence what is section 415

How long does a domestic violence stay on your record?

Assuming you are talking about a criminal conviction for domestic violence (such as domestic violence battery), it is forever.

Who is more likely to committ domestic violence common ethnicities for domestic violence?

Psychological and emotional violence Physical violence Sexual violence

What do feminists say about the issue of domestic violence?

Stop beating your wives/girlfriends. Although, I like to think that any decent human being would say that about domestic violence.

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