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Advantages depend on what you watch. If you watch the news, its an advantage because you know whats going on in the world. Some comedy is good because it can put you in a better mood. Disadvantages are that it can become addicting and you may become a couch potato, and some shows are just unnecessary to watch.

AnswerIt depends on what you are watching and how old you are. If you are under 2, no amount of TV is good. Toddlers 2+ should be highly limited with the time they spend in front of the TV. They need to stimulate their own minds rather than have something (TV) do it for them. Any TV they watch should be stimulating and teach them something (no mindless garbage). If your kids aren't learning colors, numbers, letters, sharing, (or other educational things), then they shouldn't watch TV at all.

Older kids and adults who watch too much TV are more prone to obesity, Heart disease and other ailments that come from lack of activity.

Opinion: Don't spend more than 2 hours per day in front of the tube for both adults and children. I have added links ------>

watch NBA Basketball. it rocks!

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Q: What do you think is television spoiling our youths?
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