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Trace that wire back and see if it might be grounding out on another metal surface or another wire might be grounding itself out causing a arc effect causing the smoke.

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Q: What do you trouble shoot if a fuel injector fuse keeps blowing and you saw a small amount of smoke from one of the wires going into the engine?
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What is engine code p0202?

Trouble code P0202 means: Injector circuit malfunction - cylinder #2

Why is my Saturn keeping blowing its engine fuse?

Check injector wiring harness to see if it melted around exaust manifold, I had that happen to me

Why do you hear ticking coming from your ignition?

i can only presume is lack of engine oil or adjustment on tappets( pls be more detailed)or diesel engine it being a injector blowing

How do you set the injector pump timing on a 4HF1 Isuzu engine?

You can set the injector pump timing on a 4HF1 Isuzu engine by adjusting the fuel injection screw. The adjusting screw will restrict the amount of fuel to be injected.

Can we use fuel injector in petrol engine?

Yes, you can use a fuel injector in a petrol engine.

What happens if you put a small amount of brake fluid in with the engine oil in a diesel engine?

it will expand the seals in the fuel injector pump and can stop leaks!

Will fuel flow through a bad injector?

Yes, but not at the correct flow amount that is needed to keep the engine running smoothly.

Jeep grand Cherokee limited 1995 check engine light on car shakes smell gas injector 6 changed according diagnostic injector 6 fires improperly but problem continues thank you?

Please check to see if you have any leaks at the injector. You may also have a different leak somewhere else. Then check for any other codes that you might have. You should start from here then see if you have anyother trouble. Be sur you have fixed the injector first, before you contine looking for any other engine trouble. prosess of elimination.

How much money for new fuel injector?

The price of a fuel injector is dependent upon the make and model of the engine. The fuel injector for an automobile engine will cost approximately $35.

Functions of an injector?

Assuming we are talking about an Electronic Fuel Injector, in an EFI system the fuel injector opens and sprays the pressurised fuel into the engine when signaled by an Engine Control Module (ECM).

What would make a 94 Chevy s10 pickup start flooding out and blowing black smoke when you accelerate?

Bad engine coolant sensor. Bad fuel injector. Plugged air filter.

What causes cylinder 3 to misfire on a 2006 dodge ram 3.7 eng?

plug, coil, injector, internal engine, etcplug, coil, injector, internal engine, etc

2002 dodge engine code p0205?

Trouble code P0205 means: Injector 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 Control

How do remove C12 Cat injector?

You can remove the injector, on your C 12 Caterpillar diesel engine, by removing the injector rail. Remove the retaining nut and the injector will come out.

Injector location in a 2003 6.0L Power stroke?

which injector you looking for? there are 8 injectors in that engine

Can you flood a fuel injector engine?

yes you can

How much does a diesel fuel injector cost?

That completely depends on the type of injector needed and the application(engine)

Why does your 1999 Pontiac grand prix keep blowing the injector fuse?

I have the same problem. Check engine light shows po412, po418 & po443. Did you get a solution? If so please email Thank you

How can you tell which injector is bad on a 1986 ford F250 6.9 liter diesel?

to tell what injector is bad when engine is running slowly open the injector line to each injector if the engine stutters then the injector is good if it has no difference then it most likely is bad i had a injector that stayed open completely and you could hear a popping noise because it was pushing air back into the system!! good luck!

Where is located the fuel injector pressure regulator on a 5.0 liter engine?

where is located the fuel injector presssure regulator on a 1999 ford explorer 5.0 liter engine?

What will your 2001 Chevy blazer do if the fuel injector goes out?

The engine will develop a skip and the check engine light will illuminate. The code set in the ecm will direct you to which injector is bad.

How Can diesel get into engine oil?

you can have an engine that has an injector over-fueling and fuel is getting past the rings or more than likely you have a cracked head or injector leaking. more information on what engine it is and i can tell you all of the way that that engine might leak.

99 7.3 no power and blowing white smoke?

in a diesel engine, no power and blowing white smoke, indicates a bad turbo on the engine

Torque injector hold down cat c9?

The torque specifications for an injector, on a Caterpillar see nine diesel engine, is seven pounds. Over torque in the injector can ruin it.

Why does 2006 F250 Diesel run bad when cold?

The 2006 Ford F2 50 diesel engine might have a bad fuel injector. The injector can cause the engine to not run properly, until the engine warms up.