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Necklace StringMost beaders use Nymo nylon beading thread in the size that corresponds to the type of beads used (seed beads, hex, pony beads, etc).

Anything one might need or want relating to beading and jewelry making including free patterns and instructions can be found at Fire Mountain Gems which is, IMO. the best wholesaler of beads, gems, jewelry findings, finished products, and so forth.

C-Lon, is also popular.

For heavier threaded bead necklaces, tigertail is often used; it is a thread made up of strands of stainless steel and coated. Softflex is a common brand.

There is also elastic or tiger tail

Not all beading wire is created equal. I suggest getting samples of the wire you are interested in and figuring out which one works best for you.

I use Fireline or Wildfire, it's made by Beadalon and cannot be torn, snagged or cut untless you physically use a pair of scissors. It has a breaking weight but as you're only going to be beading with it, that's of little consequence

As a teacher of beaded jewellery, I have to agree with the last answer. Fireline and Wildfire are brilliant, although I do use C-lon for delicate work.

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