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What do you use petroleum for?

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Petroleum is distilled into a range of hydrocrabons for the production of fuels (gasoline, diesel, jet fuel), plastics, and various other chemical products.

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Is oil and petroleum use efficient?

Oil and Petroleum use is very efficient.

What is the important use of petroleum?

A important use of petroleum is to create gasoline or fuel that we use in our everyday lives.

What product was petroleum turned into for use in lanterns and stoves?

Petroleum was turned into Kerosene for use in lanterns and stoves

Why should you use petroleum sparingly?

because there is very less amount of petroleum stored in the earth so for further use we should use it sparingly.

What is the purpose of fractional distillation of petroleum?

Petroleum is a mixture of various useful constituents and cannot be used directly,so to use it we have to seperate petroleum by a method called fractional distillation of petroleum.

What are petro chemical jobs?

any job that employs the use of petroleum, petroleum based products.

Why doesn't the US use their own petroleum?

The US does use it's own petroleum sources. It doesn't produce enough for it's own demands. Petroleum exported by the US is not in as high a demand within the US.

What can you use for model cytoplasm?

petroleum jelly

Do Vegans use petroleum based products?


What is made from petroleum?

Usually Petroleum is use to manufacture gasoline for vehicles and such. Where as other forms are plastic and cooking fuel.

How did the petroleum industry use magnetic tape?

The petroleum industry used magnetic tape in geophysical exploration equipment

Could settling be use to separate petroleum?

Yes petroleum can be separated by using: 1.Distillation 2.Evaporation

Is petroleum jelly bad for cats?

Petroleum jelly is poisonous to all house pets. Do not use petroleum-based products on a cat because he may become very sick.

Before the automobile what was the main use of petroleum?

The most recent use for petroleum before it was used in automobiles was for lighting in kerosene lamps. Petroleum in the form of tar from oil seeps in the ground were used in antiquity to seal boats and the roofs of houses.

What is an important use of petroleum?

creating gasoline and fuel

Best use of petroleum jelly?

Male masturbation

What product was petroleum turned into for use in lanterns?


Where in the world is petroleum and natural gas used?

Most countries use petroleum (in cars) and natural gas (in cooking stoves).

Does petroleum decompose?

Petroleum can decompose only by microorganisms that use it as a source of energy. It can also be transformed into compounds such as water and carbon dioxide.

What is the use of petroleum jelly?

Petroleum jelly is fantastic For soothing cracked, dry lips. It is also fantastic for rashes, cuts and grazes.

Why does Guyana imports petroleum?

According to the CIA, the country of Guyana produces NOoil, therefore any petroleum use is imported oil.

What is the main use of petroleum?

Powering vehicles, including aircraft

What kind of condom can you use with petroleum jelly?

any kind

How coal and petroleum saved?

May be we have to use CNG and LPG

Why does the US import petroleum from other regions even though the US has it owns petroleum reserves?

The official reason is national security, so that the US petroleum reserve can be maintained for use in the case of war.

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