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nothing (:

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Q: What do you want to know or explain Use observations you have made to write a question that addresses the problem or topic you want to investigate?
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List and explain scientific processes?

Define a Question to Investigate. As scientists conduct their research, they make observations and collect data. Make Predictions. Based on their research and observations, scientists will often come up with a hypothesis. Gather Data. Analyze the Data. Draw Conclusions. HOPE THIS HELPS :)

Was there any observations of the planet mercury which could not be explained by newtons theory of gravity?

yes there were observations of the planet mercury but were hard to explain by Issac newtons theory of gravity as scienctists didn't have enough information to investigate more on the subject.

What describes many observations but does not explain them?

Scientific Law

Does a scientific law fully explain a set of observations?


Why do scientist look for pattern in the world?

(Apex) Patterns can help explain observations 😊

Why have scientist change their ideas on the model of the Atom?

There has been more and more observations about the atom that has changed it since then. They revised it to explain the observations.

Which scientist made observations about water that also helped explain airflow?


Why is a hypothesis important in research?

To form an experimentally testable idea to explain observations.

An attempt to explain observations of the natural world is?

A pseudoscientific theory

How is a theory and a observation related?

Scientists make observations about the natural world through experiments and try to explain the phenomena that they observe. Scientists then attempt to explain the occurence of all of these observations in an overarching theory. For example, an observation would be seeing an apple fall to the ground and making measurements. The next step would be taking all of these observations which could include things such as the movement of planets and other cosmic bodies to form the theory of gravity which attempts to explain these observations.

What is an explanation devised to explain facts or events based on knowledge gained from observations and investigations?

A conclusion.

Why did geologists have to come up with a new theory?

Because the old theory demonstrably did not explain the observations.