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LLC stands for limited liability company. That means that the company does not have full liability if the company has financial issues such as a lawsuit.

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Q: What does 'LLC' in 'LLC Corporation' stand for?
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What does LLC after a business name stand for?

LLC = Limited Liability Company It is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a Limited Liability Corporation. However, an LLC can file taxes as either a Discarded Entity, a Corporation or a Partnership.

What does DDS LLC stand for?

Doctor of Dental Science Limited Liability Corporation

What does LC stand for in company name?

Usually it is LLC which is Limited Liability Corporation/Company.

What does P.C. stand for after an accountant or cpa's name?

Professional Corporation, that is their form of legal entity, as opposed to Inc. or LLC

Is exxonMobil a limited liability corporation?

Not exactly, ExxonMobile is a Limited Liability Company (LLC). An LLC is a company not a corporation.

Does a LLC have shareholders?

No LLC's do not have shareholders like corporations. LLC's have members which are similar to shareholders in a corporation.

What is the difference between Inc and LLC?

Like a Corporation, an LLC offers limited liability to its owners. Unlike a Corporation, however, an LLC is taxed as a Partnership or Sole Proprietorship (unless the LLC elects to be taxed as a Corporation). This allows an LLC to pass all its income and losses through to the owners. Furthermore, the LLC has an advantage over a C-Corporation which makes an S-Corporation tax election because the S-Corporation can only have 100 stockholders and the stockholders cannot be Corporations or non-U.S.

What corporation type is Nevada LLC?

"Nevada LLC is a corporate structuring, financial privacy company. It is financially private and is corporate structuring and is a corporation. It is a good corporation."

What is the difference in a LLC or corporation?

In brief and generally, an LLC has the legal protections of a Corporation for its owners while having the tax benefits of a Partnership.

What are the differences of corporation vs llc?

There are several differences of a corporation vs a LLC. Differences between a corporation vs a LLC include separate legal and tax life, separate management and control types, and different fringe benefits.

May an LLC be owned by a corporation?


What form of ownership is Ford motor company c corporation s corporation or llc?

s corporation

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