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It literally translates to "you're a pretty girl".

Note. Fräulein is an outdated expression.

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It doesn't mean anything.

"Du bist eines schönes Fräulein" is German for "You (familiar) are a pretty girl".

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Q: What does 'du bist ein schönes Fräulein' mean in German?
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What does the German phrase wo bist du mean?

It means, "Where are you?".

How do you say you are very mean in German?

Du bist sehr böse.

What is why are you so mean in German?

Warum bist du so gemein?

What does bist du noch basa mean in German?

Basa is not a German wordBist Du noch translates as are you still

What does are you okay mean in German?

Geht es Dir gut? Bist Du ok?

What does the word wo bist du mean in English?

Wie alt bist Du? means: how old are you?

What doesDu bist ein Primas mean in English?

Primas is not an ordinary German word. It can be the title for an important bishop or the first violinist in a Hungarian gypsy music-band.Du bist ein ... - You are a ...

What does du bist ein schmetterling mean?

According to an online German to English translation, it means: You're a butterfly.

Dobist ein froine mean in German?

Dobist ein froine is not proper German but based on the phonetics, I'm going to guess that what you mean is Du bist ein Freund, which translates as you are a friend.

What does bist du in Ordnung mean?

bist du in Ordnung = are you okay

What does Welcher Deutschland-Spieler bist du mean?

Which German player are you? It's probably referring to an athlete, like a soccer player.

How do you say your awesome it German?

Formal: Sie sint ausgezeichnet! Familiar: Du bist ausgezeichnet! (hint: it is "you're" and not "your" when you mean to say "you-are" in English)