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It means " do you have a pencil"

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Q: What does 'hast du einen bleistift' mean in German?
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What does the word Bleistift mean?

'Bliestift' is not a word in English language, -gibberish or possibly foreign. NEW RESPONDENT. Bleistift is a German word that means "pencil"

What does schreib einen ganzen Satz mean in German?

in a complete sentence

What is this mean wo hast Du deutsch gelernt?

Where did you learn German?

What does ruf mich an wenn du zeit hast mean in German?

"Call me when you have time."

What does Scharfen mean in German?

Well, if you mean scharfen, like an adjective, "einen scharfen Verstand," then it can mean sharp. (a sharp mind) If you mean schärfen, then it means to sharpen in English.

What does du hast meich mean in Italian?

"Du hast mich" in English means "you have me." In Italian, this can be translated as "mi hai" or "tu mi hai."

What does hast not mean?

"hast" is old English for the verb "to have". So "hast not" means "does not have".

What does hast du Ian schonmal heimlich an den Arsch gefasst mean in German?

Hast du Ian schonmal heimlich an den Arsch gefasst? = Have you ever secretly touched Ian's backside?

What does du hesh mesh in German mean?

"Du hesh mesh" makes no sense in German. If you mean du hasst mich, which can sound similar, (especially in the song Du Hast by Rammstein), then it means 'you hate me.'

What does einen mean in English?

I think you mean einem which means "the"

What does Du Hast Mein Heir mean in English?

Unfortunately this cannot be fully translated as the word Heir does not exist in German. The rest translates as: you have my

What does haben sie einen guten abend mean?

Haben Sie einen guten Abend? = Are you having a good evening?"