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It has multiple connotations. If you actually know what PXE is and were planning to use it, it simply means that something is wrong with the network cable, or the router is not turned on.

If you have absolutely no idea what PXE is or why you would want it and just want to know why your computer doesn't start up, it means that either your hard drive has been formatted or died, or that "LAN" was set up as the first boot device in the BIOS. If the BIOS detects that there is no hard drive or it isn't bootable, it will continue through the list of boot devices, including the network. PXE is basically the ability to boot an operating system that is stored on another computer over the network. It is very useful for businesses and power users, but most consumers will never actually use it.

BIOS is checked out when computer is switched on and reports configuration, if set as 1st boot device hard drive at Bios boots here, if Bios is set to another device it boots there, 1st boot sequence is your 1st boot choice, if hard drive is the choice initialization activates a mechanical arm where mounted on its end is a head configuration comprising of magnetic small boxlike shapes the arm and its associated parts directionalises its self over to the outside cylinders on the platter/plate associated with the disc in the hard drive and attempts to read a ring of coded data and locates sector 1 and an area of data where reading executes from MBR (MASTER BOOT RECORD) and tells computer what PARTITION to boot in this case it is drive "C". Since "C" is active partition on after the scan boot reports on 2 "FILE ALLOCATION TABLES" known as FAT and provides size, here is the record recordings of files on hard disc, after reading the 1st FAT, 2nd FAT contains "ROOT DIRECTORY" where 2 hidden system files are located and a "KEY FILE" called "COMMAND.COM" boot process initializes windows start. PARTITIONING can in hard drive takes on other assigned letters "D" "E" "F" ETC. Where no partitioning has occurred next hardware device CD-ROM IS assigned the letter "D", and this can be your 1st BOOT device rather than hard drive, it's optional. A VIRUS can replace MBR with themselves and replace MBR somewhere else.

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Q: What does 'PXE-E61 Media test failure' mean?
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