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What does 'Sauve qui peut' mean in English?

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literally: save who could

Idiomatic English 'run for your life! ' or 'every man for himself !'

2010-12-14 00:28:03
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What does 'sauve' mean?

The verb 'sauve' means save. One of its more common uses is the disaster warning 'Sauve qui peut', which means 'Save who can'. Less literally, and more smoothly, the phrase translates as 'Everyone for oneself', or 'Save oneself'.

What has the author Maurice T Maschino written?

Maurice T. Maschino has written: 'Sauve qui peut'

What is 'Qui peut dire' when translated from French to English?

Qui peut dire? in French means "Who can tell?" in English.

What is 'Qui ne peut ne peut' when translated from French to English?

Qui ne peut ne peut in French means "Who cannot, cannot" as the equivalent of the English saying "If you can't, you can't!"

What does 'Mais qui peut you stopper' mean in English?

But, who can stop (+ someone/something) ?

What does 'Mais qui peut you stopper' mean?

Answer #1 by Ginezumi The question 'Mais qui peut you stopper?' contains a mixture of English, French, and Frenchified English. The word 'you' needs to be written 'te', as the second person singular; or 'vous', as the second person plural. In the word-by-word translation, the conjunction 'mais' means 'but'. The conjunction 'qui' means 'who'. The verb 'peut' means 'he/she/it] can'. And the personal pronoun 'te' or 'vous' means 'you'. The question therefore means But who can stop you?Answer #2 by Monkeytypist In standard French, the question would be mais qui peut vous arrêter? or mais qui peut t'arrêter?

What does L'amour qui peut le connaitre mean?

"Love - Who can get to know it?"

What does 'qui' mean in English?

Qui? = Who? Occasionally 'which' or 'that'.

What does Qui mean?

Qui means 'who' in English.

What does qui peut dire le faux et le reel mean?

Who can say (what is) false and (what is) real?

What does Mais c'est qui mean in English?

Mais c'est qui ? means 'but who is it?' in English.

What does qui moi mean in English?

"Who? Me?"

What does ''Qui'' mean?

'Qui' means 'Yes' in English. I take french so I know this.

What does 'qui a le mean' in English?

qui a le ... means 'who has the ... / which has the ...'

What does pour qui mean in English?

for who in an invitation

What does 'qui est le' mean in English?

"qui est la" ==> Who is the

What does qui Γͺtes-vous mean in English?

"who are you" is the translationqui êtes-vous ? : who are you?

What is qui in English?

qui is 'who' in English.

What has the author Julie Fauteux written?

Julie Fauteux has written: 'C'est un bruit qui me sauve'

Qui peut traversΓ© l eau sans se mouiller?

Jesus Christ

What does qui se rΓ©veille mean in English?

... who is awaking.

What is 'Qui veut peut' when translated from French to English?

Translation: whoever wants [to do "x"] canThe brackets refer to information that would implied by a larger context.

What does Qui et le anniversaire mean in English?

that and the anniversary

What does Qui docet discit mean in English?

"He who teaches, learns."

What does qui s'appelle mean in English?

who is called / whose name is...