What does 1km of road to build cost in south africa?

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up to R25 mil per km according to csir
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What is the cost of building a road in the UK?

It all depends on the type of road (Tarmac or Concrete), the size of road (how many lanes), the type of road (Country Lane, A road, motorway etc) and the location (getting mat

What is the cost of fuel in South Africa?

As of June 2010 a litre of unleaded petrol will cost around R7.45 and a litre of diesel will cost around R7.85. It depends if you are inland or coastal as to what you are payi

What are the buildings like in South Africa?

Depends on their income. Those who can afford live just like Europeans or North Americans, those who can't live in shanty towns. Far out in the country side there are still pe

Cost to build a hospital in Africa?

The cost of building a hospital in Africa will vary depending onmany different variables. Size, placement, staff, and what thehospital will specialize in are a few of these va
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Where are the main roads in south Africa?

National Routes are denoted with the letter N followed by a number indicating the specific route. On maps and some signage, national routes are shown by a pentagon with the nu
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What is the width of the road in South Africa?

South Africa uses the same cars and trucks as the rest of the world - there is nothing special about South African roads. The roads are the same width as everywhere else. T