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4 fingers on the hand

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What bonds is most polar 1 H Cl 2 H Br 3 H you 4 H F?

H F is most polar

What is the slope of the tangent line to y equals x3 at x equals 4?

Do you mean y=3x or y=x3? I'll assume it's the latter. The first method to solving this is the easiest, the chain rule. Multiply the coefficient by the value of the exponent and reduce the exponent by 1. (f(x)=nAxn-1) You get y=3x2 Therefore, f(4)=3(42) f(4)=48 The longer method of solving this goes as follows: Your tangent formula is f'(x)=limh->0(f(x+h)-f(x))/h We know that f(x)=x3 so f(x+h)=(x+h)3 When we put this in the formula we have: f'(x)=limh->0((x+h)3-x3)/h f'(x)=limh->0((x+h)(x+h)(x+h)-x3)/h f'(x)=limh->0((x2+2hx+h2)(x+h)-x3)/h f'(x)=limh->0(x3+x2h+2x2h+2xh2+xh2+h3-x3)/h f'(x)=limh->0(3x2+3xh+h2) f'(x)=3x2+3x(0)+(02) f'(x)=3x2 And from there again we sub in 4 for x. f'(4)=3(42) f'(4)=48

What is the phrase 4 h in the f?

4 Hobbits in the Fellowship

4 f and a t on a h?

4 finger and a thumb on a hand

Put the following bonds in order h-br h-you h-h h-f h-cl?

1. H-H 2. H-I 3. H-Br 4. H-Cl 5. H-F

What does 5 F of the H mean?

Five fingers of the hand.

What is Hf value?

Do you mean h, rather than H? h is Planck's constant, f would conventionally be frequency.

4 f and 1 t on a h?

4 fingers and 1 thumb on a hand

4 h a j g f?

4 he's a jolly good fellow

What is the derivative of 1 over X square plus 2 with respect to X using the first principle?

I'm not sure if you're asking what the derivative is for f(x) = 1/[(x^2)+2] or for f(x) = [1/(x^2)]+2 so I'm gonna do the first one for now. Lemme know if you want the other one too! :)**Note: I'm not sure which terminology you're most familiar with using in class but just know that y is the same thing as/another way or writing y(x) or f(x) on the left side of the equation. Similarly, y' = y'(x) = f'(x) = d/dx(y) = dy/dx = d/dx[y(x)] = d/dx[f(x)].**So we know the First Principles from the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus defines the derivative as a limit:f'(x) = lim(h→0)⁡ [f(x+h)-f(x)]/hOur function is:f(x) = 1/[(x^2)+2]Similarly:f(x+h) = 1/[((x+h)^2)+2]Simplify:f(x+h) = 1/[(x+h)(x+h)+2]f(x+h) = 1/[(x^2+2xh+h^2+2]Then we plug it into the limit and simplify:f'(x) = lim(h→0)⁡ 〖[1/(((x+h)^2)+2)] - [1/((x^2)+2))]〗/hf'(x) = lim(h→0)⁡ 〖[1/(((x+h)^2)+2)] - [1/((x^2)+2))]〗*(1/h)f'(x) = lim(h→0)⁡ 〖[1/(((x+h)^2)+2)]*[(x^2)+2]/[(x^2)+2]- [1/((x^2)+2))]*[((x+h)^2)+2]/[((x+h)^2)+2]〗*(1/h)f'(x) = lim(h→0)⁡ 〖[[(x^2)+2]-[((x+h)^2)+2]]/[[(x^2)+2]*[((x+h)^2)+2]]〗*(1/h)f'(x) = lim(h→0)⁡ 〖[[(x^2)+2]-[(x^2+2xh+h^2)+2]]/[[(x^2)+2]*[((x^2+2xh+h^2)+2]]〗*(1/h)f'(x) = lim(h→0)⁡ 〖[(x^2)+2-(x^2)-2xh-(h^2)-2]/[[(x^2)+2]*[((x^2+2xh+h^2)+2]]〗*(1/h)f'(x) = lim(h→0)⁡ 〖[(x^2)+2-(x^2)-2xh-(h^2)-2]/[(x^4)+2(x^3)h+(x^2)(h^2)+2(x^2)+2(x^2)+4xh+2(h^2)+4]〗*(1/h)f'(x) = lim(h→0)⁡ 〖[-2xh-(h^2)]/[(x^4)+2(x^3)h+(x^2)(h^2)+4(x^2)+4xh+2(h^2)+4]〗*(1/h)f'(x) = lim(h→0)⁡ (2h)〖(-x-h)/[(x^4)+2(x^3)h+(x^2)(h^2)+4(x^2)+4xh+2(h^2)+4]〗*(1/h)f'(x) = lim(h→0)⁡ (2)〖(-x-h)/[(x^4)+2(x^3)h+(x^2)(h^2)+4(x^2)+4xh+2(h^2)+4]〗Finally, plug in 0 for h:f'(x) = lim(h→0)⁡ (2)〖(-x-(0))/[(x^4)+2(x^3)(0)+(x^2)((0)^2)+4(x^2)+4x(0)+2((0)^2)+4]〗 f'(x) = (2)[-x/[(x^4)+4(x^2)+4]Factor the denominator:f'(x) = (2)[-x/[(x^2)+2)^2]Final answer: f'(x) = -2x/[((x^2)+2)^2]Hope this helped!! ~Casey

What does H C F mean in math?

GREATEST common factor

What is a 4 letter word that starts with f and ends in h?


How do you write 2 pounds 4 ounces in ounces?

H f

4 H in the F?

4 hobbits in the fellowship (Horse Isle) WiseLeadMare (dun/grey)

What are H F and H I acids?

The letter that have parallel line in it are H,I,F

What type of intermolecular force is present in HF?

hydrogen bonding. H-F...H-F...H-F...

What does 4 c of the h mean?

4 Chambers of the Heart

What are the two American girl doll codes?

The two American doll codes are 1 4 7 j - 4 f a e - h 7 a g , the next code is r 3 9 4 - e f t h - 4 4 a g

What is a 4 letter word that starts with h and ends with f?

Half & Huff.

What does 4 f on a p mean?

4 Faces on a Pyramid.

What does the ditloid 4 H M of the A mean?

4 Horse Men of the Apocalypse technically 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse so is 4 H of the A

4 H in the F HorseIsle?

4 hobbits in the fellowship (Horse Isle) by HorseyNorsey Black server

A E F H Z V U?


F varies jointly as g h and j One set of values is f equals 18 g equals 4 h equals 3 and j equals 5 Find f when g equals 5 h equals 12 and j equals 3?

f = 54

Formula for instantaneous speed?

lim as h->0 of (f(x+h) - f(x))/h or lim as x->a of (f(x) - f(a))/(x - a)

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