What does 950 on jewelry mean?

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There is not a stamp for jewelry that is 950. The stamp is .925 and it means the jewelry is sterling silver

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Erica Lakin

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โˆ™ 2022-01-19 16:45:48
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Michael Bell

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โˆ™ 2022-02-25 15:19:08
950 is platinum. PD950 is palladium. Erika, if you don't know or don't work with higher quality metals, don't offer an answer.
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Michael Bell

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โˆ™ 2022-02-25 15:31:37

950 is platinum.

PD 950 is palladium.

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Q: What does 950 on jewelry mean?
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What does 950 stamped on jewelry mean?

There is not a stamp for jewelry that is 950. The stamp is .925 and it means the jewelry is sterling silver

Does 950 mean platinum jewelry?

If a piece of white metal jewelry is stamped PT .950 it should be platinum.

What is hallmark 950 in jewelry?

The 950 marking could mean Platinum or Palladium, the 950 means 950 parts per 1000 parts is platinum or palladium

Does all platinum jewelry have pt or plat stamped on it?

The general stamps for platinum jewelry are PLAT and PT.In addition, platinum jewelry is also often stamped as follows:90% pure platinum jewelry - 900 Platinum, 900 Plat, Plat 900, Pt900 or 900Pt95% pure platinum jewelry - 950 Platinum, 950 Plat, Plat 950, Pt950 or 950PtStep 8Remember that a "950 Platinum" stamp means jewelry is 95 percent pure platinum, or 950 parts out of 1000. Such jewelry may also be stamped "PLAT," "PT," "950 Plat," "Plat 950," "Pt950," or "950Pt."Read more: How to Read Jewelry Stamps or Labels |

What does 950 DIA stamped on jewelry mean?

i have a very small earring and i think they are diamonds inside the earring it has a little square piece of silver with DIA stamped on it, what does DIA MEAN?

What is 30 of 950?

If you mean 30% of 950 then it is 285

What does pt 950 lid stamped on a ring mean?

Modern platinum jewelry is usually stamped with a simple purity mark such as 950 or PT950. I believe it means 95% pure platinum. You can refer to the Precious Metals Buyer's Guide for more information.

How do you clean 950 platinum jewelry?

950 platinum is 95% pure platinum which is the standard for platinum jewelry. 950 platinum can be cleaned like any other piece of fine jewelry. A jewelry solution could be purchased, but I can tell you what many jewelry stores use in their ultrasonics. I know of many jewelers that mix half Mr. Clean and water with a small amount of ammonia for their jewelry cleaning solution in their ultrasonic. This works excellent for all types of jewelry. Allow the piece to soak for 15 seconds then rinse in water and dry. A polishing cloth can be used if the piece needs to have the high polish shine brought back.

What does Mexico 950 mean?

It is most likely a hallmark indicating the jewelry it is sterling silver from Mexico. More on "950" silver: Silver of 95 percent purity is relatively rare because it is a nonstandard alloy. Technically it is not fine silver because it falls considerably below 99.9 percent fineness. This means it is sterling silver, but more pure than most sterling silver. 950 silver will be softer than most sterling silver and will tarnish more easily. This means it is unlikely to be used in most industrial applications. Most 950 silver is used for jewelry.

What does 14kc on jewelry mean?

What does 14kc mean on jewelry

9251BBTH in jewelry?

What does this mean in jewelry?

How many days were there from 1st of Jan 2001 to 9th of August 2003?

950 days.950 days.950 days.950 days.950 days.950 days.950 days.950 days.950 days.950 days.950 days.

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