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What does AD stand for?

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AD stands for "Anno Domini". It begins after the death of Christ.

It does NOT stand for After Death.

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A.D. stands for the Latin phrase Anno Domini meaning Year of the Lord and it dates from the arbitratary birth of Christ.

It was introduced by the monk Dennis the Short (Dionysius Exiguus) in about 525. The date of the Incarnation was recognised by the St Bede the Venerable to be inaccurate by about five years however as it was in common use by this time the error was allowed to stand.

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What does ad lib stand for?

it stand for library

Why does AD stand for?


What does the acronym AD stand for?

The acronym AD stands for Anno Domini.

Does AD stand for the after death?

No, it doesn't. AD stands for Anti-Deluvian. AD can also stand for "Anno Domini". It begins after the death of Christ, and believe it or not, we're in 2009 A.D!

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What does the D in AD stand for?


What deos AD stand for?

The abbreviation AD means "After Death" as in after Jesus' death.

What does AD or BC stand for?

BC stands for before Christ. AD would stand for after death of Christ.

What does 'AD' stand for?

advertisementImproved Answer:A.D : Anno DomminiORAfter Dinosaurs

What does BC and AD stand for in Greek?

BC is "before Christ" and AD "anno domini"

In the Bible what does AD stand for?

Anno Domini

What dose ad stand for?

Anno domini

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What does at stand for in a car ad?

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What do the letters AD stand for?

The letters AD stand for Anno Domini. The phrase Anno Domini is actually medieval Latin which means 'the year of Our Lord'.

What does AD stand for in history?

A.D. stands for after death

What does anno domini stand for?

AD, Year of the Lord.

What does ad stand for after a year date?

anno domini

What does ad in biblical times stand for?

After Death of christ

What abbreviation does ad stand for as in ad734?

In the year of our lord

What does OBO stand for on a car ad?

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What does the year A D stand for?

Anno Domini (AD) .

What does 498 AD stand for?

AD stands for Anno Domini meaning "after Christ". So 498 AD is 498 years after the birth of Christ.

What is does AD stand for in the bible?

The initials AD is an abbreviation for the Latin "Anno Domini", which translates to "the Year of Our Lord."

What do the letters AD stand for after the Calendar year?

AD stands for Anno Domini means "in the year of (our) Lord".

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