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Administrative Procedure Act

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Q: What does APA stand for in administrative law?
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What does APA formating stand for?

APA is American Psychological Association.

Is the Dept Justice a entity under the APA?

Is the Dept of Justice an administrative agency and fall under the scope of the APA

What dose APA stand for?

APA stands for the acolytes protection agency.

What does APA stand for in writing style?

APA is American Psychological Association.

What do the initials ALJ represent in the administrative law arena?

administrative law judge

When was Administrative Law Review created?

Administrative Law Review was created in 1948.

What has the author Mahabir Prashad Jain written?

Mahabir Prashad. Jain has written: 'Administrative law of Malaysia and Singapore' -- subject(s): Administrative law 'Indian constitutional law' -- subject(s): Constitutional law 'Principles of administrative law' -- subject(s): Administrative law

Nature and scope of administrative law?

here is given below the nature of the administrative law-

What is the difference between administrative law and statutory law?

Administrative law is to administer the office, country, etc; but statutory law is to regulate all activities in law.

What is difference between judicial law and administrative law?

Judicial law is law that is created when a judge issues an opinion and establishes precedent that is followed by other judges. Administrative law is law created by the issuance of regulations by administrative agencies as authorized by legislation, or by the decisions and opinions of administrative law judges dealing with challenges to those regulations.

Which books should one read to learn administrative law?

There are many sources for information on administrative law. If one wishes to learn administrative law then one should read a book dealing with administrative law. The best books to read for information would be textbooks.

What has the author John H Reese written?

John H. Reese has written: 'Administrative law' -- subject(s): Cases, Administrative law '1995 Statutory Supplement (Including Recent Cases) to Accompany Administrative Law' 'Administrative Law Desk Reference for Lawyers'

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