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AU means almost uncirculated which is a grade for the coin, depending on the grade on the coin and the year of it, the value of the coin can be from $25 for the most common and lowest grade dollars all the way to $575,000 for the second highest grade, most rare silver dollar(1893S)(no proof 70 silver dollar has ever been found)


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Try again; there weren't any Morgan dollars minted that year.

There were two different silver dollar types issued in 1921, as they phased the Morgan Dollars out, and introduced the "new" Peace Silver Dollar. If it's a Morgan, this is the most common date in the series, and an AU would retail for about $30. If it's a Peace Dollar, the retail price would be closer to $120.

AU stands for "About Uncirculated" and is not a code it's a grade. If you mean a mintmark? If the coin has one it's on the reverse above the letters DO in DOLLAR.

1883 Morgan dollars are very common. Coins in the AU (about uncirculated) grade range have values of $22.00-$26.00

The 1900 Morgan dollars issued from the New Orleans Mint are known to have medium size mintmarks. This is not a recognized variety. The 1900-O Morgan is considered common. AU grade coins currently have values of $35.00-$40.00.

argent (AU) is the latin word for silver.

Ag = silver Au = gold

No, "Au" is not the symbol for silver. It instead is the symbol for gold whereas "Ag" is that for silver.

In the periodic table AU stands for Gold, otherwise known as Aurum.

It is usually worth about 23-27 dollars a piece in Unc. or AU-50. It is worth about 55 dollars in a Proof set.

$500.00 if in AU condition. More if better. Less if worse. Good Semi-Key coin though.

It's common but is a little better date/mint Morgan, in the lower circulated grades values are still $17.00-$21.00 but in the AU grades values are $39.00-$64.00

The 1921-S Morgan is very common in all grades, if slightly circulated is a grade of AU-55 or AU-58 retail prices are $20.00 and $23.00

the answer is Au for gold and Ag for silver

Silver is an element found naturally on the earth (Au on the periodic table), so silver is "created" by mining and refining it until it's shiny and solid. Au for gold, Ag for silver.

AU is the definition of gold by the periodic element. So, it implies the material used is gold... not silver?

Au! = Ow! Au! = Ouch!

925 usually refers to sterling silver, being 92.5% silver with 7.5% copper. However, Au is the chemical symbol for gold. Being that gold purity is usually marked in karats, it may indicate gold-plated sterling silver.

This coin is the most elusive Carson-City Mint issued Morgan dollar. Only 350,000 were made. Average market value is in the $10,000.00 range for AU-55 graded examples.

yes they are metals gold is Au and silver is Ag

Au is the chemical symbol for gold; Ag is the chemical symbol for silver.

Gold and silver both have the letter A. Gold is AU silver is AG

Gold - Au Silver - Ag Platinum - Pt

Both gold, Au and silver Ag are elements

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