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Q: What does Alfieri mean when he says there was a trouble that would not go away?
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What do you do when your puppy's paws and mouth are blue?

I would take it to the vet straight away. It could mean it is having trouble taking in oxygen.

What if there were no water currents?

Then we would be in big trouble, because that would mean that there is no gravity.

How do you say no trouble in Hebrew?

If you mean "no trouble" as a response to "thank you", there is no equivalent phrase. You would just say bevakasha (בבקשה) or al lo davar (על לא דבר), both of which just mean "you're welcome". If you mean "no trouble" literally, as in "there isn't any trouble", it is eyn tsarah (אין צרה).

What does a man mean when they say just be good?

Basically he is telling you to behave and stay out of trouble - stay away from other men.

How did ancient Romans identify mercenary soldiers to discourage them from running away?

It is unclear what you mean in your question. It was easy to identify the mercenaries because they were hired and paid by the military commanders. If they were not paid they would cause trouble.

Could slaves be mean to their masters?

No, slaves could NOT be mean to their slaves because they would get in HUGE trouble. They would probably be put to death if they where.[: Audralynne :]

What does released mean?

it means to give out or to take away........ lol

What do you do if somebody is mean to you?

I was bullied myself and it does not feel good. You should tell a parent or teacher, and stay away from that person. The girl that bullied me was rude, mean, selfish, jealous, and again mean! >:(If you fight, it actually leads to more trouble. So if I were you, I would tell a trusted adult or a parent. :p ; >:(

If you have 20 books and give one tenth away how many did you give away?

If you mean to say that you gave away 1/10 of your collection of books, then you would have given away 2 books and would have 18 left. If you mean to say that you gave away 10/20 books, then you would have given away 10 books and would have 10 books.

In degrassi what does the kid mean when he says the kc lives in a group house?

He is either an orphan or has a bad record and was tooken away from his family. He's trouble!

What does it mean if you are buttered or toasted?

It means you are in trouble or will get in trouble. "You're toasted" = "You're in trouble"

What does traviesa mean in English?

it means trouble maker or mischievous one..