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it means to give out or to take away........ lol

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to not take in or give away, for a singer it would mean

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Q: What does released mean?
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When was Mean Machine released?

Mean Machine was released on 02/22/2002.

When was Mean Creek released?

Mean Creek was released on 08/20/2004.

What does it mean when an album is leaked?

It means that it was released before it was supposed to be released

When was Evanescence's album Organ released?

I think you mean "Origin", and it was released in 2000.

What came out first mean girls or the notebook?

Mean Girls was released April 30th, 2004. The Notebook was released June 25th, 2004. Mean Girls came out first.

When is Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters released?

It already was released. If you mean to ask what year it was released then the answer is the year 2005.

What dos released mean?

to let go

When did love you by Justin Bieber get released?

I guess you mean "Love Me". and it got released 10-26.

When did mean girls come out?

"Mean Girls" was released on April 30, 2004.

What does discharge from air force mean?

It means "released from duty".

What does the law mean when they say ROR?

released on own recognizance

What does it mean if a formula bubbles in chemistry?

A gas is released as a product.